The best horror movies with monsters are so great they often have re-makes or turn into franchises. The storylines may differ, but all the monsters in these horror movies are original concept ideas that became memorable characters. All of the best horror movies with monsters have scary make-up effects for the creatures. There is nothing cheesy about these monsters or the movies they made famous.

  1. "Alien" Released in 1979, this horror movie is about alien monsters invading a mining ship. Set in the future, an SOS sends the crew to investigate another planet. While there the humans become the prey as alien monsters start killing everyone. One of the best horror movies with monsters because the aliens are extremely scary looking, and detail oriented with special effects. There have been many "Alien" sequels, and the overall look for the monster has not drastically changed over the years.

  2. "Frankenstein" The original 1931 "Frankenstein" is a timeless classic horror movie with a monster. It is easy to assume the monster is Frankenstein, but that is the name of a mad scientist who creates the monster. Frankenstein pieces together limbs from different dead corpses to create the monster. He wants to see if the dead can be woken by creating the monster, but his experiment takes a turn for the worse when the brain Frankenstein uses is a criminals. It's one of the best horror movies with a monster because many re-makes and television shows have been based on this initial film.

  3. "The Fly" The 1986 movie "The Fly" is one of the best horror movies with a monster because of the great make-up. During the horror movie, a scientist name Seth Brundle creates a transportation machine. While trying to transport himself from one pod to another, a fly is in the pod, which merges their DNA together. He slowly turns into a fly-like monster. The slow but drastic change into a monster is grotesque, disgusting, and horrific.

  4. "The Host" Toxic chemicals are dumped into Seoul's River Han and creates a giant fish monster. The 2006 movie revolves around the monster reeking havoc in the city and killing anyone its path. The large creature seems to have no agenda except to eat humans and cause physical damage to the city. This is one of the best horror movies with a monster because the sea creature can survive equally well on land, and in the water. The monster is a double threat because it can swim like a fish, and run fast. 

  5. "Cloverfield" This 2008 horror movie focuses on New York City being terrorized by a monster. The movie follows a group of friends trying to make their way through the city to safety. The entire film is shot from the characters perspective via a hand-held video camera one of them has throughout the movie. Even though this is one of the best horror movies with a monster, it only shows the creature briefly. Since the horror movie is filmed from the perspective of the hand held camera, it only flashes the monster when the kid flashes the camera on it.