The best Halloween movies that will scare you are a collection of the spookiest movies of all time. Whether it is Halloween and you want to get in the spirit of the holiday, or you just want a night of horror flicks and fear, this is the ultimate list here for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to get scared and to watch the best Halloween movies!

  1. "The Exorcist" Possibly the scariest movie ever made, "The Exorcist" will have even a grown man wetting his pants in fear. This frightening flick centers around the story of a young girl who is possessed by the Devil, and her mother who is caught up in the madness. As if that isn't scary enough, the girl even spins her head around and floats above her bed while possessed. A great horror movie for Halloween, or any night of the year. 

  2. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" If you haven't heard of Freddy Krueger and his razor-sharp fingers, you've been living under a rock in the world of horror flicks. This freaky Halloween movie will have whoever watches it afraid to go to sleep for weeks to come. Freddy haunts his victims while they dream, and brutally takes down his innocent sufferers while they sleep in terror. If it's Halloween night and you aren't watching "A Nightmare on Elm Street," you don't know that you're missing!

  3. "Halloween" Just as the title suggests, this horror flick is set on Halloween and centers around a psychotic serial killer who murders teenagers and young babysitters in a terrified little neighborhood. Michael Myers, the killer, wears a haunting white mask and always has a large butcher knife in hand. Although he never runs, he always manages to slay his victims quickly and in the most brutal way possible. Halloween would not be the same without this classic horror film.

  4. "Psycho" An older scary film, "Psycho" is one of the original Halloween movies that had people scared silly. This thrilling and genius horror movie is about a young woman who goes to stay at the Bates Motel, only to find that the owner, Norman Bates, has got some serious issues. She doesn't make it out alive, and is ultimately murdered while showering in her room. "Psycho" is a real gem in the world of Horror movies, and Halloween is the perfect time to watch it. 

  5. "The Shining" If you can get through "The Shining" without covering your eyes in fear, you are a brave soul. This Halloween horror flick is about an isolated hotel and the eerie caretaker, played by Jack Nicholson. As time goes on, Nicholson's character starts to lose his mind and act strangely towards his family, who are unsure of what is going on. Beware, as there is a lot of blood included with this film. This terrifying horror movie is not for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach!

  6. "Saw" A genuinely freaky and twisted Halloween horror movie, "Saw" is one of the scariest and goriest movies you will ever watch. The story surrounds a mysterious killer who does not kill his victims by his own hand, but sets up twisted traps for them to ultimately kill themselves. The killer goes by the eerie name, "Jigsaw", and creates a terrifying puzzle for all his helpless casualties while setting them up in traps. This movie will also make you think long and hard about appreciating life, as Jigsaw makes sure all his victims are aware of why he is targeting them.

  7. "Poltergeist" This movie is scary because it's about something that we all fear could possibly be real- spirits. In this horror film, a loving family is suddenly disrupted when their young daughter mysteriously disappears into the unknown. After hiring a group of parapsychologists, they discover that their home is experiencing a poltergeist, and that their daughter has bee taken by spirits into another world. "Poltergeist" is a frightening Halloween movie that will scare and shock you, all at the same time.