While they might not be as well known as Japanese or Korean ghost movies, these 5 Thai ghost movies are worth a watch. Some of them are goofier than they are scary, but they're all fun. If you're a fan of Asian horror, give these Thai ghost movies a try. 

  1. Check out 1999's "Nang Nak." "Nang Nak" is a film version of one of the most beloved of Thai ghost stories. Nang Nak is a loyal wife who dies in childbirth while her husband is at war. She loves him so much that her ghost and the ghost of her baby wait in the family home for his return. He comes back, does not recognize that she is dead, and ghostly hijinks ensue. 

  2. Follow it up with 2005's "Ghost of Mae Nak." If you fell for Nang Nak, take a look at this modern tale of two lovers plagued by Nang Nak's ghost. This Thai ghost movie sees Nang Nak protecting, then possessing a young groom. 

  3. If you enjoy romantic horror, watch "Krasue Valentine." Krasue Valentine is about Sao, a nurse who unknowingly turns into a krasue, a famous type of female Thai ghost that is just a floating head and drinks blood. Sao's krasue problem interferes with her efforts to meet a nice man.

  4. 2007's "Ghost Mother" continues with the theme of undying love. This Thai ghost movie is about a woman who is killed by the Thai mafia, but loves her three nieces so much that she comes back in ghost form to raise them. 

  5. "Shutter," made in 2004, is more subtle. This Thai ghost movie follows the spooky adventures of a spurned woman, Natre, who haunts her lover Tun after he dumps her and accidentally runs over her with his car.