Here are 5 scary movie games that will be a huge hit with fans of scary movies. If you’re a video game fanatic and scary movie buffs these games are definitely ones you will need to add to your collection. As most scary movie fanatics know movie based games rarely hit it big, but these top 5 games are ones gamers and movies buffs should try out.

  1. "Saw." Who can deny "Saw" is a good movie, or all the other "Saw" movies that followed. "Saw’s" counterpart video game will have you trying to solve Jigsaw’s puzzles. Endings that twist, various weapons and objects keep "Saw" closely related to the movie. Play it one way, then try it another and the outcome will definitely be different.

  2. "Evil Dead" Regeneration. Who didn’t love the campiness of the "Evil Dead" movie? Now its your turn to control ash and stop the evil Dr. Vladamire Reinhard from using the Necromonicon. Armed with your chain-saw hand and your “boomstick” shoot or hack up the evil that’s being unleashed. Who would have thought Ash would use a half deadite as his sidekick!

  3. "Castlevania." Who can forget "Castlevania." If you have an old NES lying around you definitely need to get your hands on "Castlevanie." East meets west with a gothic twist is how this Dracula inspired video game is released on the world. If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it tonight then get your fingers in gear to play the game.

  4. "The Blair Witch Experience." While you have lovers or haters of the movie the game by far surpasses the movies. "The Blair Witch Experience" complete with  "Blair Witch" I, II and III video games alone with both "The Blair Witch Project" and "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" movies on DVD. Travel back in time and find the truth about the Blair Witch.

  5. "Get the Keys The Game."  This game goes way to unnoticed and why we left the best for last. Get the Keys, The game is based on the movie "The Last House on the Left," produced by non other then Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham. Get the Keys is based almost exactly like the movies and you must save yourself from the felons who have entered your home.