Naming 5 scary exorcism films leaves you looking along the same storyline brought forth by William Friedkin. Movies about exorcism take on many forms but to be scary or perhaps creepy is an entirely different topic. These five exorcism movies have the creep factor and the scare tactics.

  1. “The Exorcist” 1973: The original and still the scariest and best movie about exorcism ever. Even with today’s technology, you cannot out do Linda Blair and her grotesque betrayal of a young girl possessed. What a fantastic movie, a cult classic to say the least. Forever the movie that made the name Linda Blair famous. The possession by demons and the extraction of those demons is some of the best movie making in history.

  2. “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” 2005: This movie is scary on many levels. Based on actual events and using the recorded exorcism of Annelise Michel, this movie is downright frightening. Based on events and actual occurrences of a real life exorcism makes this movie tragic and explicitly scary. The movie investigates the possession of Emily and the trails to free her from the bond of the demon that possesses her.

  3. “Exorcism II The Heretic: 1977:  This version is directed by John Booman and follows the aftermath of the original exorcism. Reagan (Blair) is seemingly recovered but the demon Puzuzu (Assyrian) is still in pursuit of Reagan. The demon coaxes the priest who originally exorcised him temps Lamont Phillip to turn to him. A classic struggle between good and evil and the power of faith.

  4. "Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist." 2004: This version follows Father Merrian as he struggles with his faith based on the horrific crimes he witnessed during World War II. He is an archaeologist now and is working in Cairo when he is approached about a possibl buried church. The plot thickens when he realizes it is not a Christian Church, but a demonic church. More things that are unthinkable happen and the good Father continues to question the existence of God.

  5. “The Last Exorcism” 2010: The creep factor is high with this scary exorcism movie. Ashley Bell gives a dramatic and wicked performance. Her contortions are all her own, and the mood she sets is dark and frightening. Filed as a documentary, the film follows a doubting priest on a mission to prove there is no such thing as a true exorcism. His beliefs couldn’t be further from reality as he will discover in the sick film.