The best 5 scariest horror movies 2009 were all those films that made you look over your shoulder, sleep with a night light on, and also cause you to pee in your pants. You go to watch horror movies for the thrill of being scared and, if the movie is quite good, to also get you to think about certain notions in life. All these movies fulfill this criteria.

  1. "My Bloody Valentine 3-D." Starring Jensen Ackles from TV's "Supernatural," this 2009 horror movie is a remake of the slasher classic from all the way back in 1981. It is the best scariest horror movie of 2009 because it actually features an unhinged miner as the slasher villain, a twist that's quite unique for slasher flicks. Further, this film was enormously successful at the box office during its run, increasing the urgency to see it now on DVD.

  2. "The Unborn." "The Unborn" is the second-best scariest horror movie of 2009 because it features a creepy plot. In it, a pregnant lass is actually beginning to get the life that is growing inside of her! This horror movie was helmed by David S. Goyer, who viewers will remember from the "Blade" films as well as "The Invisible." It also stars screen veterans like Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino for what is a rollicking, good time.

  3. "Friday the 13th Remake." This film deserves to sit at the number three spot on this list of the best, scariest horror movies of 2009 because it brings back Jason Voorhees to the silver screen! If you are a fan of the old series of "Friday the 13th" movies, then this movie will naturally appeal to you. Since this is also a remake of the original, if you have never seen any of the older movies of this series, watching this remake is the perfect place for you to start off.

  4. "Drag Me To Hell." With a title like "Drag Me To Hell," you know that a film like this is worthy and deserving of a spot on this list of the scariest horror movies of 2009. Starring Alison Lohman and Justin Long (remember him from his "Punk'd" appearance a few years back?), this film's plot revolves around a curse that a young woman suffers at the hands of a old European woman. As a result of this unfortunate curse, a world of hellish weirdness ensues. Great movie for the whole family to be scared by.

  5. "Saw VI." The last spot on this list has to go to "Saw VI," just for honorable mention. This franchise has been scaring (or, rather, grossing out) audiences for several years, now, and it shows no signs of slowing down. For the past several years, it is hard to truly imagine Halloween without a "Saw" installment as these films have been traditionally released at the end of October.