The 5 romantic vampire movies seamlessly intertwine romance and horror. They may be dark, bloody, and dreary, but an underlining theme of love and romance are in all 5 movies. They all deal with a vampire having feelings for a human, and sometimes the human does not return the affection. The 5 romantic vampire movies may have romance, but all but one still maintain a horror genre.

  1. "Dracula" The 1992 romantic horror movie is based on the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker. In 1462 Prince Dracula's wife Elizabeta commits suicide when she thinks he died in war. Dracula renounces God and the Church once he learns of her death, which leads to him becoming a vampire. The movie fast forwards to 1897, and law clerk Jonathan is helping Dracula acquire property. Dracula catches a glimpse of Jonathan's fiancée, who is the spitting image of his deceased wife Elizabeta. A dark, yet great romantic vampire movie because after all that time, Dracula will do anything to be with Elizabeta, or someone who looks eerily similar to her.

  2. "Twilight" High school student Bella moves to the overcast city of Forks to live with her father. At school she is told about five foster kids adopted by Dr. Cullen, and after meeting them she is strongly drawn to Edward. The romantic vampire movie follows the love story between human Bella and vampire Edward. For some reason, no one in the town notices the Cullen's are vampires, but when Bella arrives she figures it out right away. "Twilight" was a blockbuster sensation and is based on the novel with the same name. There are two other "Twilight" installments to date, which are also great romantic vampire movies.

  3. "30 Days of Night" The 2007 romantic vampire movie is about an Alaskan town that enters into thirty days of no sunlight. During the no sunlight period, a large group of vampires come into the town to feed off the people. The movie is blood heavy, and dreary but the love story between Stella and Eben bring light to the darkness. Eben is the towns sheriff, and Stella is his soon to be ex-wife, but once danger comes to the town they realize romantic feelings don't go away. Eben does whatever he can to make sure Stella stays safe and alive, even if that means risking his own life. The ending is a really romantic scene, which was touching to see after all the bloodshed.

  4. "Fright Night" Vampire Jerry Dandridge moves to the suburbs in search of a normal, calm life. Jerry's teenage neighbor Charley sees the vampire kill a woman and tries convincing others what he saw. Unfortunately for Jerry, he still has romantic feelings for his recently ex-girlfriend Amy, as does vampire Jerry. Amy resembles a girl Jerry was in love with, and he is determined to make her a vampire. The romantic vampire movie has Charley and Jerr fighting for Amy's mortality. The 1985 classic "Fright Night" is a great, funny, romantic vampire movie that also has a sequel.

  5. "Let Me In" The 2010 romantic vampire movie is dark, and gritty but tells the tale of young love between a vampire and human The American movie is a remake of the 2008 Swedish film "Let the Right One In." The romantic vampire movie follows Owen, a bullied boy and his new found friendship with Abby, a vampire. At first Abby tries to distance herself from Owen, but their powerful bond is too strong and they strike up a relationship. Abby teaches Owen how to stand up for himself, and Owen brings light into Abby's lonesome life.