These 5 female vampire movies are an eclectic mix. The films are tonally very different from each other and show how different filmmakers approach the subject of female vampire movies in very unique ways. Each of these films provides solid entertainment value. Some are scary, and some are going for something totally different. Overall, they show definitively that female vampire movies can be some of the best vampire movies ever.

  1. “Fright Night 2” is unique on this list of female vampire movies because it’s a sequel to a great male vampire movie, and some people think it’s better than the original. The main vampire is the sister of the bad-guy in the first movie, and she’s out to avenge her brother’s death.

  2. “Bordello of Blood” is a pure comedy and it’s probably the most underrated film on this list of female vampire movies. Many people thought the movie was a little too silly, but it’s actually a solid parody about a bordello full of sexy female vampires.

  3. “Innocent Blood” is from the director of “ An American Werewolf In London”, and it takes a similar approach of mixing lighter moments with real horror. Out of all the female vampire movies on this list, this one has one of the most entertaining storylines and also one of the best scripts.

  4. “Daughters of Darkness” is a very unique film compared to many of the female vampire movies you see. This one has a lesbian angle, which is fairly common, but it doesn’t handle the subject in an exploitive way, which is fairly uncommon. The movie is very artistic, and it has a lot of visual style.

  5. “The Vampire Lovers” is another example of how female vampire movies often use lesbian themes. This one is a little more exploitive, but it’s also a lot of fun. It’s from Hammer Films, and it has classy production values, but it also has a lot of female skin, and it relies heavily on the titillation factor.