Want to know about 5 Chinese vampire movies? There are many great Chinese vampire movies. Many of them are comical, while others focus more on being horror films or martial arts films. Regardless of what direction the Chinese vampire movies wer taken in, there is an abundant amount of highly rated and successful films to choose from. Here are five Chinese vampire movies.

  1. "Mr. Vampire." Released in 1985, “Mr. Vampire” is a comedy horror film from Hong Kong. The movie’s Chinese name is “Geungsi Sinsang.” In this film, Priest Master Kau, played by Lam Ching-ying, must rebury a corpse. They find that the deceased man does not look like a dead person and then the corpse rises as a vampire. Priest Master Kau’s companions, Man Choi and Tsau Tsang, played by Ricky Hui and Chin Siu-ho, join him in attempting to destroy the vampire.

  2. "Encounters of the Spooky Kind.' This is an action, comedy, and horror film with martial arts that was released in Hong Kong in 1980. The star of this movie, Samm Hung, wrote the film. He also choreographed and directed it. Sammo Hung plays Bold Cheung, a man who has been challenged to stay overnight in an abandoned house. The vampire in this movie is played by Yuen Biao.

  3. "Black Belt Theatre: Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave." “Yin ji” is the Chinese name of this film. “Black Belt Theatre: Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave” was directed by Zhao Li and the screenplay was written by Fung Lu. The stars of this movie are Billy Chong, Lieh Lo, and Sai Aan Dai. Billy Chong plays Chun Sing, Lieh Lo plays Kam Tai Fu, and Sai Aan Dai plays the Black Magician.

  4. "Exorcist Master." Otherwise known as “Kui moh do jeung,” the film, “Exorcist Master,” was released in 1993 and stars Chia-chun Chen, Chin-yi Chou and Collin Chou. The screenplay was written by Lu Chiang Chao and Wen-hua Cheng and the movie was directed by Ma Wu.

  5. "Vampire Vs. Vampire." The One-Eyebrow Priest, played by Lam Ching-ying, is a Chinese exorcist whose exorcism fails on a European vampire. Lam Ching-ying is both the director and the star of this movie. Also starring in “Vampire Vs. Vampire” are Siu-hou Chin and Fong Liu, playing as Hoh and Fong.