The five best vampire romance movies are all good examples of how the vampire film has always been used to explore love and romantic entanglements. Authors and filmmakers usually give vampires a lot of sexual magnetism, and some of them like to take advantage of this in their stories. Some vampire romance movies are still full-on horror movies, while others may be much more focused on the romance, using the vampire element as a way of spicing things up.

  1. “Love at First Bite” is one of the best vampire romance movies that has strong elements of comedy. In fact, this is really more of a romantic comedy than anything else. It’s all about Dracula’s romantic entanglement with a human woman.

  2. “House of Dark Shadows” is one of the best vampire romance movies, partly because it’s based on the "Dark Shadows" soap opera, which always handled romance extremely well. It has many of the same actors from the original soap, and it covers a storyline from the soap using a bigger budget to make things feel more cinematic.

  3. The John Badham version of “Dracula” from 1979 manages to be both scary and also deeply romantic. It actually does a better job than most vampire romance movies of actually delivering some real scares along with the romance. It’s a very faithful adaptation of the Dracula story, and well worth seeing. 

  4. The very first “Twilight” film is easily the best in that series so far. It uses the vampire angle as a way to explore teen romance, and it has an oddly realistic filmmaking style that makes it stand out compared to the other films in the series. “Twilight” is generally more focused on pure romance than the other vampire romance movies on this list.

  5. The 90s version of “Dracula” directed by Francis Ford Coppola is another example of how the Dracula story usually leads to vampire romance movies. The original novel is probably more focused on pure scares than most of these movies, but filmmakers generally focus a little more on the eroticism of the vampire and the romantic subtext.