The 5 best horror films are movies that have either a lot of gore or suspense. Here is a list of the best horror movies that will have you yelling at the screen and frightened ant the same time.

  1. "Grotesque" (2009) This low budget Asian horror movie has gore from the start when a gang tortures and murders a family on vacation. One family member is able to escape. As she is running from her potential killers, there is something chasing the killers. This is a great horror movie because of the gore throughout the movie. If what you are looking for is blood, this is the movie to watch.

  2. "Thirst" (2009) This is an Asian horror movie that should be watched by anyone who enjoys a good blood bath or watching others fight temptations that could destroy their morals. This film is about a priest who is mistakenly turned into a vampire and begins to live his days on earth involved in everything he had resisted as a priest. This movie will have you looking within yourself as to what action you would take if this were to occur.

  3. “The Ring” (2002) This film is for people who are open-minded enough to believe that anything is possible, but also enjoy being scared to death. As the storyline plays out in this movie, anyone who watches a particular videotape will die within seven days after watching the video. One woman is determined to stop these unnecessary murders from occurring again, so she decides to watch the video and catch the killer. As she tries to find information about the other killings thinking they will lead her to the killer, she is thrown into several frightening occurrences that have he fighting for her own life before her deadline of seven days. This is a great horror movie to watch to make you unplug the phone and turn off the cell phone until well after the movie is over.

  4. “Silence of the Lambs” (1991) This movie definitely was one of the best horror movies ever made because it shows just how manipulative serial killers can be even when helping the police to catch another serial killer. Jodie Foster plays the FBI agent who needs the help of a serial killer to catch another serial killer. Hopkins takes Foster through a mind game of getting to know the man she is looking for by making her understand the reasoning that he has for his killings. This movie will have you staying awake at night, but it will also make you more aware of your surroundings as you go throughout your day.

  5. The Shining” (1980) This movie is based off Stephen King’s book “The Shining,” but the film itself is more terrifying than the book. The psychological distress that the viewer experiences as he sits terrified in his seat makes this one of the best horror movies ever made. In this movie, Jack Nicholson plays a hotel keeper that's possessed by a spirit that dwells within the hotel. Jack Nicholson tries not to let the evil spirit take over him, but he loses in the end and runs throughout the hotel trying to kill his wife and son in a terrible snowstorm. This movie is necessary for anyone who enjoys the thought of being scared.