The vampire genre has evolved over the years, so the 5 best old vampire movies are a little different than some newer films. They often contain a much more primitive view of the vampire as a monster. Despite these differences, they’re all very worthwhile, and some of them are more frightening than most new vampire films.

  1. “Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror”, which is also simply known as “Nosferatu” is one of the most frightening old vampire movies. The depiction of the vampire is incredibly disturbing because they give him rat-like qualities.

  2. The “Dracula” film from 1931 is a big-time classic among the old vampire movies, and with good reason. This film has Bela Lugosi in the title role, and it set a lot of standards about what a vampire movie is supposed to be.

  3. “Horror of Dracula” was the very first of the old vampire movies about Dracula that starred Christopher Lee. It’s a classic film with very classy production values and genuine chills.

  4. “Black Sunday” is a little different than most of the old vampire movies on this list. It’s an Italian film that’s been made to appeal to English Speaking Audiences. It was one of the first real Italian horror films, and it started many important trends.

  5. “Vampyr” is probably the most artistically interesting movie on this list of the best old vampire films. It’s the sort of film that makes very little sense on first viewing, and it may not even seem like a real vampire film until you fully understand what the filmmakers where going for.