If you love Asian cinema, then you really need to know about the 5 best Japanese horror movies 2008. This was one of the better years of Japanese horror movies, what with evolving technology and a penchant for the outrageous, Japan produced some of its finest entrants into this amazing genre, and you definitely need to check out the following best Japanese horror movies 2008. When you have a weekend and you need something to do, be sure to take some time out for the best Japanese horror movies 2008.

  1. "Rika: The Zombie Killer." One of the campiest Japanese horror movies 2008, this comes on the list for its pure hilarity. A high-schooler is encountered with the task of ridding her city from a zombie infestation, and she does so through any means possible. It's funny, scary, and definitely gory—making it deserving a spot on this list.

  2. "Tokyo Gore Police." This film takes place in a despotic version of Tokyo, where people are daily hunted down by mutant killing machines known as "Engineers." Sexy Ruka needs to avenge her father's murder, and she intends to do so in the bloodiest way possible. This is one of the best Japanese horror movies 2008 because of its brutally honest take on violence and the hilarity of all the fight scenes.

  3. "Akanbo Shojo." Based off of a popular manga, this movie tells the tale of an orphan who meets her birth parents in a haunted mansion with gory results. This film manages to turn it up to eleven on all fronts and never lets up until the end. Stunningly not blatant in its presentation, this is one of the best Japanese horror movies 2008.

  4. "Oneechanbara: The Movie." Based off the Xbox 360 and Wii game "Oneechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers," this tells the tale of zombies taking over Tokyo. The solution to the problem? Find the hottest chick ever, put her in a bikini, and give her a katana, of course! This film has all the trappings of a cult classic, making it one of the best Japanese horror movies 2008.

  5. "The Machine Girl." In one of the funniest yet goriest movies in 2008, we have one of the most audacious plot. After a family member fails to pay a Yakuza debt, a young school girl has her arm hacked off by mobsters. She stumbles into a machine shop, where the generous owner fits a gun to her arm. She then goes on a blood-soaked quest for revenge in this example of one of the best Japanese horror movies 2008.