There are a few things that you have to consider when looking for the 5 Best Horror Thriller Movies for 2010. It doesn’t really need to be a box office success, since Horror movies require an acquired taste. For 2010 several remakes, sequels and new titles have been released that offer different levels of horror and gore. To get you started on your quest for blood and gore, here are the 5 best titles that will surely leave you sleepless:

  1. “Paranormal Activity 2” – This film follows the same format as the prequel, where cameras are set up all around the house to check and see what’s causing weird occurrences around the house. The haunting starts when the family comes back and sees that their house was trashed. The father decides to setup cameras around the house to see if the burglar will come back. The film adapted the almost non-existent background music of Asian horror flicks, adding a more eerie feeling while watching the film.

  2. “The Crazies” – This is not your typical Zombie film. “The Crazies” used the tried and tested “virus infection” screenplay and added a new twist. The people infected by the virus do not turn into zombies, but into over aggressive and crazy people.

  3. “Saw 3D” – Need we say more? The “Saw” franchise has been one of the most interesting horror thriller movies over the last ten years. This year, “Saw” follows the success of 3D films and have incorporated their bloody and gory style of killing people. It can be considered to be the best 3D thriller so far.

  4. “Piranha 3D” – Some people say that because this movie is so lame it is already becoming a classic. This paradox is due to the fact that Piranhas eating people in 3D seems to be so cool. A fun to watch film complete with tons of blood and human entrails.

  5.  “The Last Exorcism” – Nell, the possessed girl, is the one you should look out for. The film revolves around events when a priest allowed a documentary team to film his last exorcism. “The Last Exorcism” follows the same format as “Paranormal Activity,” where the cinematography used is something similar to a home-made video.