The year 2010 released many horror movies but there are truly only five best horror scenes 2010. Here is a list of movies that were released that have the best horror scenes:

  1. “Legion” (2010) will have you sitting on pins as the storyline plays out the biblical apocalypse. The best horror scene in this movie is the actual battle that takes place between the Archangel Michael who is the field commander for God but has decided to change his assignment and Archangel Gabriel who has the power from God for heavenly mercy and death who wants to complete his given assignment. In this scene, the two Archangels ar fighting in a diner over what each believes God would want done to the people on earth. As the Archangels are fighting each other with all of their strength and power, you actually can feel the struggle within yourself as to how God must feel in determining this world’s fate.

  2.  “Psych: 9” (2010) will have you thinking twice before working the overnight shift just for the extra money. In this horror thriller, there is a serial killer on the lose in a closed down psych hospital where the receptionist is gathering the hardcopy of the patients records. The most horrific scene in this movie is the receptionists witnessing other murders like the woman in a bathtub filled with blood. She has to decide if what she is seeing is real or visions and flashbacks from her own sinister past. As she reviews her own unstable life, she begins to figure out who the killer is and realizes she must avoid him until help arrives.

  3. “The Wolfman” (2010). Though this is a remake from the original film, “The Wolfman” (1941), the updated version is the better of the two because of the gore shown in the movie. As this movie plays along, a werewolf bite the American man who returns to his homeland, London, to find out what happened to his dead brother. The storyline from there shows you the actual attacks that the werewolf commits during his time of change at night. The best horror scene shows the werewolf tearing apart the man with the limbs flying as they leave the body.

  4. “The Crazies” (2010). Though this is a remake of the original film, “Crazies” (1973), the updated version is the better of the two because of the action taking place throughout the movie. In a small town in Iowa, everyone who has drunk the contaminated water will go crazy and kill everyone around him or be killed by a love one. There are many good horror scenes in this movie but the best horror scene is when Radha Mitchell and Danielle Panabaker along with others are tied to a hospital gurney against their will and a man is killing each person with a pitchfork as he passes them by.

  5. “Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive” (2010). This seventh series of a film is by far the most entertaining. In "Saw 3D" the graphics are more pronounced because of the 3D effect, which gets the audience more in tune with what is happening in the movie. As the storyline plays out the best horror scene in the movie, you start to see a man in the display store window and an electric handsaw coming within inches of cutting off his hand if he can’t figure out how else to untie himself.