The 5 best horror movie deaths of 2006 might make you want to hide in your popcorn. The horror movie genre is known for brutal scenes of death and these are the best for the year. While some of the moments are darkly funny, they are still twisted moments of death.

  1. Josh’s death scene in “Hostel”.The horror movie is about three college students who are backpacking through Europe and then fall victims to a deranged killer who’s dream was to be a surgeon. Josh wakes up in his boxers and handcuffed to a chair. The killer first tortures him by drilling into his chest above his nipples. Afterwards the killer pretends to release him but really cuts Josh’s Achilles tendons. Josh falls when he tries to stand and then the killer brutally slits his throat.

  2. The opening scene in “Gravedancers”. You know it’s a good movie when someone dies at the opening. The audience doesn’t even know the young woman’s name but they watch her attacked and the hung in the stair way of her house. As the woman dies she drops a black envelope. 

  3. The death of the campers in “The Hills have Eyes”. This is one of the best horror movies of 2006. This death scene is so great because right before the killing starts an old lady beats one of the mutants in the head with a broom. A death scene is always better when the victim fights back and it being a little old lady with a broom makes it just that much better.

  4. The death of William Carlton in “Wicked Little Things”. It’s the story of a town haunted by zombie children that died in a mining accident in 1913. The children were forced to work by the cruel owner of the Carlton mine. In the end they get their revenge on his ancestor and kill him at the end of the movie. 

  5. The deaths of Sam and Colleen in “Dark Ride”. Are you afraid of amusement parks? You will be after this movie. The plot centers on a killer at an amusement park. The movie opens to the brutal death of the two young teenagers.