A list of 5 best funny horror movies can help liven up an evening. There is nothing better than a movie that hopes to both scare its audience and make them laugh. Comedy and terror are two of the more extreme human emotions, and so what is better than presenting them together. Of course, some films are better at pulling this stunt off than others. So if you are really looking for a film that can make you scream one moment and laugh the next, check out any one of these 5 best funny horror movies.

  1. “Scream.” This film to took the funny horror genre by storm and turned it on its head. With a great combination of suspense filled scenes, witty banter, and comic relief, this hip film truly deserves to round out the top spot on the list of best funny horror movies.

  2. “An American Were Wolf in London.” This film walks the line between scary and funny very effectively. It was not only a suspense filmed dramatic movie that had its audience jumping out of their seats, it also had them roaring in the aisles. With well-timed gags and jokes, this movie is most definitely one of the 5 best funny horror movies ever.

  3. “Gremlins.” On the surface, there is really no reason that this film should have worked. It was corny, had cheesy special effects, and was written for a sixth grade audience. Still, for some reason, this film has captured an entire generation, entertaining them with a little bit of suspense mixed in with many well timed gags.

  4. “Beetle Juice.” Tim Burton created has created many successful films over the course of his career, but this simple little funny horror movie certainly helped cement him at the master of the fun, strange, zany, and scary. Just as you would expect from any Tim Burton movie, this film captures it all, both the scary, odd, and funny.

  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Before “True Blood” and before the “Vampire Diaries,” there was Buffy. This film has it all, including a hot young Sarah Michelle Gellar. So put down your copy of “Twilight” and check out this scary, funny and sexy horror movie.