If you're a film buff, then you're going to love this list of the 5 best 2008 horror movie deaths. This year was a fantastic time for the horror genre, which is why compiling this list of the best 2008 horror movie deaths is fairly difficult. However, we feel that the following movies epitomized this amazing year in horror movies. Only true horror aficionados will love this list of the best 2008 horror movie deaths.

  1. Marlena Explodes in "Cloverfield". In one of the most sensational films of the year, we find one of the best 2008 horror movie death scenes. After being attacked by the smaller creatures in the subway, Marlena and the rest of the group is rushed to a group of Army medical officers in hazmat suits. Marlena starts to convulse, and is lead behind a curtain when she mysteriously explodes. Considering the overall ambiguous tone of the movie, one could say that this death goes right in line with everything else the movie does.

  2. Kids Die in "The Happening". This apocalyptic thriller about people killing each other for no reason is full of great death scenes. However, the scene in which a paranoid redneck fills two young children full of lead is one of the best 2006 horror movie death scenes. It makes this list due to the audacious nature and unexpectedness with which it was presented.

  3. Drawn Out Death in "The Ruins". After everything else that happens in this movie, we get one of the best 2008 horror movie death scenes. The audience gets subjected to Mathias being eaten alive by the killer plants, which isn't so bad in and of itself—until you consider that he's already gotten his spine broken and his legs cut off. The pure brutality behind this scene makes it one of the greatest in history.

  4. Scissors Murder in "Inside". One of the most surprising, yet utterly brutal, 2008 movie death scenes comes from this sleeper hit. La Femme is willing to cut down, literally, anyone in her path, including this poor soul. Easily one of the most audaciously brilliant death scenes ever.

  5. The Final Moment in "Quarantine". This movie, running off of the steam of "Cloverfield," is filled with great death scenes. However, it's in the final moments of the film, in which the protagonist is dragged away by the last of the infected, is one of the most striking in the movie, if not the year. Just when you think it's all safe, the movie throws you a curve ball and destroys that safety net in just a few minutes, making it one of the best 2008 horror movie deaths.