Sometimes we want our hearts to race when watching a movie and these 10 scary thriller movies will be sure to do the trick. From classic Hitchcock films to recent, terrifying future classics, these scary thriller movies offer a jolt to the system of any movie watcher. Here are the scariest thriller movies that are sure to get your blood pumping and have you on the edge of your seat.

  1. "Psycho" The original standard for scary thriller movies to come is Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho," the story of Norman Bates, who may or may not be the killer who makes sure people keep popping up dead at the Bates Motel. "Psycho" delivers a shock right away when the film's star Janet Leigh is killed in the shower in a scene that still makes people afraid to venture into the bathroom alone.

  2. "The Silence of the Lambs" This tale of two serial killers, one out in the world, one locked away and giving advice to the FBI agents hunting the other, is a creepily psychological masterpiece. It elevates itself into a classic scary thriller movie when the locked-up killer, played by Anthony Hopkins, makes a clever escape and we don't know whether it's safe to sleep at night.

  3. "Seven" Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star as cops hunting a killer going through the seven deadly sins in this modern update of scary thriller movies. The shocking ending, where Brad Pitt finds out what's in the box, haunts long after the credits roll.

  4. "Zodiac" David Fincher directed this film, based on the true-life Zodiac Killer, a sniper who haunted the Bay Area in the 1970s. An amateur detective thinks he's figured out the identity of Zodiac, but can he get anyone to believe him in time?

  5. "The Exorcist" This story of demonic possession is a horror film by genre, but a classic scary thriller movies by design. Linda Blair stars as a possessed little girl. As two priests try to rid the devil from her, the tension mounts until it's hard for the audience to take.

  6. "Arachnophobia" This affable, funny thrill-ride plays on the fear of spiders, as a small town is overrun with the eight-legged beasts. It's a lighter entry on our list of scary thriller movies, but that doesn't mean it won't make you jump from your seat.

  7. "No Country for Old Men" This slow-paced crime film is an entry on our list of scary thriller movies because of one man, Javier Bardem as the heartless killer Anton Chigurh, a force of nature who will stop at nothing to complete his task. He hunts down Josh Brolin and others in search of a briefcase of cash and his slow pace doesn't make him any less terrifying.

  8. "The Omen" The story of a child who may be the son of the devil delivers shocks and thrills in equal measure. It is classic '70s horror and definitely one scary thriller movies.

  9. "Rosemary's Baby" Another tale of demonic possession has Mia Farrow possibly impregnated by the devil. As she wonders whether her child truly is the spawn of Satan, the tension mounts in this golden age scary thriller movies.

  10. "The Birds" Hitchcock the master of thrills, fittingly closes out our list of scary thriller movies as well. The story of birds inexplicably attacking and taking over a town is hauntingly terrifying and a fitting end for our list.