Fresh from the bloodbath, here's a list of the ten goriest movies of all time. What is it about watching a complete gore-fest that entertains people? Whatever the reason may be, don't question it, just enjoy. 

  1. ''Re-Animator.'' The thought of science bringing the dead back to life, but with horrendous results, has been done many times, but very rarely does that ever pique viewers curiosity of what will really happen. Zombies are drilled through their heads, zombie cats are flung at walls, and an animated severed head does some pretty naughty things. 

  2.  ''Robocop.'' Strange that a film which isn't even a horror film would end up on this list. ''Robocop'' is far from your average sci-fi action film. Scenes from officer Murphy getting blown away piece by piece to a man horribly disfigured by acid makes this film truly unsafe for kids, even though ''Robocop'' looks cool as hell.

  3.  ''28 Weeks Later.'' This is a movie that should be seen as a true piece of cinematic achievement. The acting is amazing and the mood the film portrays is unnerving to say the least. The most notable scene would have to be the moment when a zombie's head is splattered across a window, the adrenaline from the gore just makes you want to go shoot some zombies yourself.

  4.  ''The Evil Dead.'' A true cult classic in every way. ''The Evil Dead'' starts off with five friends going to a cabin in the woods for a vacation. The film cleverly handles its low budget and compensates with clever camera use to keep the audience wondering. The most memorable (and goriest) scene is when Bruce Campbell's character, Ash, has a fight with his own hand, which he later severs but still won't leave him alone.

  5.  ''Imprint.'' What can be said about Takeshi Miike? He's on an entirely different plane of existence when it comes to making horror films, one can only wonder what's going on in that contraption between his ears when he's coming up with ideas for his films. "Imprint" starts off as a simple enough tale of a man searching for his ex-lover, but then discovers vile depravities that occur in the village. Miike spares us nothing as he shows everything from needles in the face to an abortion scene. 

  6.  ''Hostel.'' If this film's plot got any thinner, it could end up in the pornography section of a Blockbuster. A story of a few men dragged into a secret society's deranged horror house. The close ups of violence add that special extra kick to your stomach. The sex scenes however, seem to take up too much of the film's time.

  7.  ''Day Of The Dead.'' George A. Romero's masterpiece, this is the film that inspired the zombie genre even to today. What's special about this film is that the people are just as interesting as the zombies. But that doesn't take away from watching a man get torn apart and eaten by zombies while he's still alive.

  8.  ''30 Days of Night.'' Moviegoers everywhere have to give a thumbs up to this film, for it brings substance back to the vampire movie. The tone of the film is just right in terms of creepiness and there's no shortage of horror and guts.

  9.  ''Cannibal Holocaust.'' This is the big daddy of gore films, it has it all, literally all of it. Decapitating monkeys, abortions, and of course, cannibals. This film is undisputed as king of the goriest, and the director almost got in trouble for the effects, one of which was so real, that people thought it was a snuff film.

  10.  ''Feast.'' A thin plot but great effects. That sums up this film best. "Feast" has one of the most creative and interesting character designs ever. The creatures (who bite people's heads off) tap into a primal human fear, something with lots of sharp teeth. Just looking at a still picture of one of these things will get you nervous.