The top 10 classic horror movie posters were effective marketing tools used to sell some of the greatest horror movies of all time. Any classic movie fan that collects movie posters will want some of the best horror posters ever. So follow this list of classic horror movie posters and add these pieces of history to your collection.

  1. "Frankenstein" (1931). The most effective marketing ploy for this classic movie was trying to keep the look of the monster a secret until the audience saw it on the screen. But this classic horror movie poster gave just enough of a glimpse of the monster to whet everyone's appetite.

  2. "Dracula" (1931). One of the first things audiences noticed about Bela Lugosi as Dracula was his eyes. That is why the eyes are prominently featured on this classic horror movie poster.

  3. "Gojira" (1954). When the original "Godzilla" (1955) movie came out in Japan a year befor the American version, no one knew what a Gojira was. The poster for this movie helped people understand what the monster was and how it caused havoc.

  4. "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (1974). No one had ever seen such a violent horror movie before the release of "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (1974). The poster is perfect as it shows the killer revving up a chain saw while a victim screams in the background. Definitely one of the top classic horror movie posters of all time.

  5. "Halloween" (1978). Everything about the movie "Halloween" (1978) is simple but extremely effective, including the poster. A Jack-O-Lantern that turns into a hand holding a knife is an iconic horror image.

  6. "The Shining" (1980). The original poster for "The Shining" (1980) showed a ghostly face screaming as part of the "T" in the word "the." This simple image was so effective that many people saw the movie just because of the poster.

  7. "Night of the Living Dead" (1968). Prior to this movie, many people had never seen a zombie on film before. The poster for this movie featured a close up of a little girl zombie face that scared the audience into having to see this movie.

  8. "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962). It is hard to believe that beauty queens Joan Crawford and Bette Davis could make a good horror movie poster, but that is what they did later in their careers. This movie was a strange horror movie that was sold by an effective poster.

  9. "Saw" (2004). The poster for the first "Saw" (2004) movie was simple but one of the best classic horror movie posters ever. It shows a victim with a medieval torture device on their face. The rest of the poster is black and it looks like a scary poster for a scary movie.

  10. "The Man Who Laughs" (1928). This classic horror movie has one of the creepiest posters ever made. A huge green face with an unnatural smile on it makes this one of the best classic horror movie posters of all time.