The 10 best zombie movies of all time are the most ridiculous ones, yet there are hundreds of ridiculous zombie movies to choose from. If you are confused about which movies to start with, you will not be confused after reading this. Drum roll, please. 

  1. "Z: A Zombie Musical" - Can nuns turn into zombies? A zombie dog attacks two nuns. The encounter leads them on an adventure with singing and dancing zombies. You have to see it. It's too funny. 

  2. "Night of the Living Dead" - Pennsylvania is eerie enough as it is. In this 1968 classic, zombies attack a farmhouse in the boondocks of the Keystone State. 

  3. "Erotic Nights of the Living Dead" - This one should speak for itself. The porn stars and zombies make this one of the hottest date movies of all time. 

  4. "The Aliens and Kong Kong Zombie" - Aliens bring a group of cemetary tenants back to life. One of them, a dead little girl, convinces her zombie friends to kill the murderers who took her life. The bizarre mix of aliens, murderers and zombies makes this one hell of a zombie movie. 

  5. "Wiseguys vs. Zombies" - Do you like mobsters, zombies and bizarre US military plots? Uncle Sam creates a drug to revive fallen soldiers. Two hit men answer the call to deliver this drug. They discover the purpose of the drug first hand as they face oodles of redneck zombies along the way. This flick is perfect for cuddling up with that special someone.  

  6. "American Zombie" - Zombies are people, too - especially if they assimilate well into the non-zombie culture. It's a heart wrenching tale of two documentary film makers profiling high functioning zombies and their struggles to gain acceptance in American society. 

  7. "Death Metal Zombies" - Remember when your parents warned you about Satan and heavy metal music? A death metal song turns a group of partying kids into zombies. 

  8. "Yoroi: The Samurai Zombie" - Can you guess what this zombie movie is about in two words or less? 

  9. "Zombie Ninja Gangbangers" - How about this one? You probably didn't guess that this 1997 zombie film also features a court jester. 

  10. "Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement" - Did you know that there was a zombie rights movement in the 1960's? Yes, it's true according to this mockumentary. Zombies were so low on the totem poll that the hippies even ignored them. This story of unsung heroes is undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best, zombie movies of all time.