Do you want to check out the 10 best Spanish horror movies? The genre has had a huge resurgence in Spain throughout the past decade. Read on for the list of 10 awesome Spanish horror movies:

  1. "[Rec]" (2007) This Spanish horror movie focuses on a young woman reporter and a cameraman who discover mayhem when they investigate an old woman who is trapped in her apartment building. The movie was remade in the U.S. as "Quarantine." "[Rec]" was nominated for the Audience Award for Best Film at the European Film Awards.

  2. "[Rec] 2" (2009) This sequel to the acclaimed Spanish horror movie continues the story as a medical and a SWAT team are sent into the building under siege. The movie won several of Spain's Gaudi Awards.

  3. "The Haunting" (2009) This Spanish horror movie is a psychological thriller about a pediatrician suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her new baby. Over time, she begins to question her sanity as she suffers from strange visions.

  4. "The Day of the Beast" (1995) In this comedic Spanish horror movie, a priest attempts to kill the antichrist, scheduled to be born on Christmas Day in Madrid. The movie won Best International Film at the Fant-Asia Film Festival.

  5. "The Devil's Backbone" (2001) This Guillermo del Toro-directed horror movie is set in 1939 Spain, focusing on the horrors one young boy encounters in the orphanage where he lives. The movie was nominated for Best Film by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films.

  6. "The Abandoned" (2006) In this Spanish horror movie, an adopted woman encounters ghosts when she travels in search of her birth family. The movie was nominated for Best Film at the Catalonian International Film Festival.

  7. "Fragile" (2005) American actress Calista Flockhart stars in this Spanish horror movie about a nurse who must protect her pediatric patients from an unseen horror that plagues them. The movie won Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the Barcelona Film Awards.

  8. "Tesis" (1996) A grad student doing a thesis about violence finds a snuff film featuring a former classmate in this Spanish horror film. The movie won seven Goya Awards, including Best Film.

  9. "Dagon" (2001) Based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, this Spanish horror movie is about a couple plagued by strange creatures when they become shipwrecked in a fishing village. The movie was nominated for Best Film at the Catalonian International Film Festival.

  10. "Beyond Re-Animator" (2003) This sequel to the popular movie "Re-Animator" continues the story of the mad scientist who creates strange and murderous creatures. The movie was nominated for several international awards.