The 10 best movie vampires of all time are either good or evil. Some drink human blood and take innocent lives, while others feed off animals and protect the human species. Smart, sexy, wise, and educated are all traits the 10 best movie vampires have in common.

  1. Louis from "Interview with a Vampire" One of the 10 best movie vampires of all time because Louis (Brad Pitt) is handsome, good natured, and kind hearted. After his wife died in childbirth during the 18th century, Louis, at ag 24, was made a vampire by Lestat. He is a long living vampire because the story starts in 1991 with Louis recalling his vampire life story to a reporter.

  2. David from "The Lost Boys" Keifer Sutherland's bleach blonde hair, stone cold gaze, and bad boy appeal made one of the 10 best movie vampires of all time. Sutherland portrayed David, the vampire leader of a biker gang. David slept all day, partied all night, and had fun as a vampire.

  3. Nosferatu from "Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror" One of the 10 best movie vampires of all time because Nosferatu was the first to appear on the big screen. The 1922 silent black and white movie follows Count Orlok, also known as Nosferatu and his bloo thirst madness. The classic vampire movie is a must see for fans of the horror genre.

  4. Dracula from "Bram Stokers Dracula" In the 1992 movie, Gary Oldman plays Dracula, a beautiful yet creepy vampire. Based closely on the classic novel "Bram Stokers Dracula," the movie is based in Transylvania and follows Dracula through heart loss, lust, and desire. The vampires Oscar-winning cunning make-up was spectacular.

  5. Selene from "Underworld" Sexy Death Dealer Selene is played by Kate Beckinsale in the 2003 movie "Underworld." Her job is to kill and contain the growing number of Lycans, a name used for werewolves. Selene is a stone cold vampire that wears a skin tight black suit while battling off Lycans with her large collection of guns.

  6. Jerry Dandrige from "Fright Night"  In the 1985 vampire movie, the always calm and collected Jerry is played by Chris Sarandon. He is deadly good looking, and moved into a nice home in the suburbs. The always charming Jerry unfortunately has a neighbor who wants to out him as being a vampire.

  7. Santanico Pandemonium from "From Dusk til Dawn" Selma Hayek plays a grotesque looking vampire who disguises her true form as a sultry stripper. At a sleazy bar in the middle of nowhere, Santanico is the head vampire, and her sexy persona has the truckers believing she is human. One of the 10 best movie vampires of all time because her true evil vampire form makes actress Hayek unrecognizable.

  8. Edward from "Twilight" He has a gloomy attitude, and sparkles when sunlight hits his skin, but Edward is one of the 10 best movie vampires of all time. Edward is played by Robert Pattinson in all the "Twilight" movies, and is one of the most recent additions to popular movie vampires. He's a good natured vampire that got turned in 1918 at the age of 17. He is a vampire that refuses to drink human blood, and has a kind heart behind a hard exterior.

  9. Queen Akasha from "Queen of the Damned" The 2001 vampire movie stars the late Aaliyah Dana Haughton as the sexy but deadly Queen Akasha. The character is based from an Anne Rice novel, and was the first vampire created. Queen Akasha wore, and said little but had a loyal following at her disposal.

  10. Blade from "Blade" Wesley Snipes portrays Blade, a half-human and half-vampire in 1998's "Blade" and 2002's "Blade II." His personal mission it to kill evil vampires, and protect the human race. One of the 10 best movie vampires of all time because Blade can walk in sunlight, which gives him an extreme advantage.