As of 2010, the 10 best horror movies of the last 10 years consist of both remakes of old favorites and the introduction of new creepy villains to give us all nightmares. While some of the gore of the last 20th century has lost it's place on the big screen, the psychological factor seems to have taken a bigger hold. Get out the popcorn and prepare to cover your eyes as you watch these soon-to-be classics.

  1. "Saw".  Topping the list of best horror movies of the last 10 years comes the movie that introduced us to a new type of thriller. The villain, known as Jigsaw, sets up scenes of horror to amend the wrongs people have committed in the past. The gore factor in this movie is a "10" in comparison to most newer horror movies.

  2. "The Hills Have Eyes". This remake was released in 2006 and follows the discovery of killer mutants who dwell in the hills and valley surrounding the original site of nuclear bomb testing.

  3. "The Ring". This 2002 flick combined a fear of watching avant guard movies with answering your phone. The killer, a long dead girl, crawls from your television after you watch a strange flick. The mystery is solved at the end, but the terror doesn't cease.

  4. "The Orphanage". While lacking gore, this flick will scare even the hardcore horror fan and therefore is included in the best horror movies of the last 10 years. The story revisits an orphanage where the children were under torture and their ghosts remain.

  5. "The Others". Starring Nicole Kidman, this entry examines the concept of life verses death. Did you ever wonder what it's like to discover that you are dead?

  6. "28 Days Later'. This entry on the list of best horror movies of the last 10 years explores the horror of a pandemic. What if you knew that in 28 days, you were going to die, unless you could escape the zombies until then?

  7. "May" One of the best horror movies of the last 10 years makes you wonder about that sweet girl next door. The movie from 2002 explores what happens when a psycho killer gets a crush on you.

  8. "Drag Me to Hell". While a little slow, this one makes the list of best horror movies of the last 10 years for its special effects. When you are haunted, what else can you do except incite the ghosts a little?

  9. "Dawn of the Dead". Another remake, this one lives up to the original. The 2004 release is complete with flesh eating zombies.

  10. "Jeepers Creeper". With the 2001 release of this entry came the introduction of "The Creeper". This demon scarecrow seems really upset over life in general, and kills to satisfy his whims.