There is no formula to discern the best horror movies of the '80s. Some of the best horror movies have boring plots, but exciting characters. Sometimes, even typical plots and typical characters combined with creative killing scenes and one-line zingers can make a great horror movie. The '80s is filled with awesome horror flicks with both brilliant and mediocre plots and characters. You just have to see the movies to know whether they are good or you can read a list like this one. Here are some of the best horror movies of the '80s. 

  1. "Nightmare on Elm Street" Child molester Freddie Krueger is burned alive by angry parents. Later, people suspect mass suicide after a wave of teenage deaths. Freddie has come back to kill these kids in their dreams and their dream deaths are real.

  2. "Hellraiser" A puzzle sends Frank into an alternate hellish world and his body changes into a ghastly form. When he is resurrected on Earth, Frank's old lover helps him capture strangers whose blood helps him to regain human form. Frank's niece finds the puzzle, solves it, enters the same hellish world and makes a bargain with the evil creatures to help them capture Frank. Clive Barker produced some of the best horror movies of the '80s and this is one of them. 

  3. "Fright Night" Charlie believes that his neighbors are vampires in this horror movie spoof comedy. The host of Charlie's favorite horror TV show helps him hunt his neighbors down despite the host's disbelief in vampires. 

  4. "Humanoids from the Deep" You've heard about the horrors of GMO foods, right? Genetically modified salmon become the food or innocent coelacanths who transform into evil humanoid sea monsters, mate with teenage girls and kill people on land. 

  5. "Student Bodies" The Breather is a deranged serial killer who makes threatening phone calls while disguising his voice as rubber chicken. His favorite pastime is killin high school students with paper clips, eggplants and other devices. 

  6. "Cujo" Undoubtedly one of the best Stephen King horror movies of the '80s, Cujo is a charming tale of a rabid St. Bernard. A mother and her son become trapped in the car as Cujo, the son's best friend, threatens their lives. 

  7. "C.H.U.D." Nuclear waste stored beneath the streets of New York produce "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers" who menace the residents of the Big Apple. A cop, a journalist, his girlfriend and a homeless person look for ways to stop these creatures. 

  8. "Friday the 13th" Murderer superstar Jason hacks up a bunch of campers at Crystal Lake. Full of senseless killing and helpless screaming women, this film is widely considered one of the classic horror movies of the '80s. 

  9. "Lobster Man from Mars"  A film student sells a wacky film to a film producer. In the film, a lobster man from Mars comes to Earth on a mission to steal air and develops a taste for human flesh. A soldier, a girl and a mad scientist team up to save humanity from this flesh-eating martian.

  10. "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" A circus tent near a small town spawns murderous clowns. The clowns kill local townspeople with popcorn and cotton candy and drink human blood. Its simple and silly plot makes this film one of the best horror movies of the '80s.