Listed here, in an inviolable order, is a list of the 10 best horror movies ever made. Dracula can bite women in black and white and Bruce Campbell can quest for the Necronomicon in "Army of Darkness", but the greatest horror movies aren't always scary. Some horror movies, such as "The Blob", are just cheesy.  The list of the 10 best horror movies made is here. "The Exorcist" for som unknown reason, almost did not make it.

  1. “Nosferatu.” This German adaptation of "Dracula" is one of the first vampire movies ever made. You don't need to worry about not speaking the language to be able to enjoy it.

  2. “King Kong.” What's not to like about a giant gorilla getting shot down by biplanes? The black and white monster movie sold more tickets than any other movie, a record that has not yet been broken.  In the end,beauty, not biplane bullets, kills the beast.

  3. “Dracula.” The black and white Bela Lugosi movie is a must for any fan of old horror and fans of the Count from Sesame street. Count von Count, is based on Bela Lugosi's character. Unlike most modern vampire movies, it doesn't suck

  4. “The Wolf Man.” The Wolf Man, in most of its incarnations, is a classic horror film set in the Victorian era.  The tale may be familiar to us now, but it was original when it first came out.

  5. “The Ninth Gate.” Horror and mystery blend together perfectly in this Johnny Depp film. It's a shame we never figure out if the hero finishes his quest to become equal with God.

  6. “Evil Dead.” Bruce Campbell wielding a shotgun in the woods makes this one of the best horror movies ever.  We can all identify with being stuck in a dead-end job at S-Mart and wanting to play the hero now and then.

  7. "The Excorcist." This 1970s horror classic is one of the true actually scary horror movies that Hollywood has managed to produce.  It also has the advantage of being based on a true story.

  8. “Frankenstein.” The 1930s movie which contains a cool death scene captures the essence of Mary Shelley’s novel. People say the original one in black in white, rather than the color movies deserves to be hailed as one of the best movies ever.

  9. “The Blob.” Anything that eats can't be all bad. We finally learn why we should be afraid of amoebas in a way that does not sound as dorky as the giant one celled organism that shows up in "Star Trek: the Original Series".

  10. The Sixth Sense.The Sixth Sense is one of the few horror films that is both touching and makes you think. The movie is also a different movie when you watch it the second time.