Selecting the ten best Horror movie deaths of the 2000 is a task few would relish, unless they are extremely unsociable personalities in the first place. Fortunately, this article will provide the definitive list of the best horror deaths of the the 2000s decade.

  1. The final death scene in “The Ninth Gate." The hero has tracked down all the pages in the missing book only to find out someone beats him to it. The villain acts all the magic according to the instructions given, but instead finds out that someone has faked the last page. The raging inferno would have been a much better way to end the film than the way it actually did. It's also one of the coolest movie deaths ever.

  2. The fire at Main High School in “Carrie.” Those who have never suffered being bullied for years may think that this is an overreaction, but people who have been bullied in such a manner know that they harbored a very similar fantasy. Thank goodness such psychic abilities have never manifested in real life.

  3. The electric knife slaying in “Maximum Overdrive.” Maximum Overdrive does not do much for the viewer's suspension of disbelief. The way the electric knife turns on its wielder was supposed to be horrific. Oddly, this movie death was hilarious instead.

  4. The ending of “The Silence of the Lambs.” You don't see the death, but you know what Hannibal Lecter was doing to his old friend.

  5. “Aliens.” The first time a bug lands on a Marine, you know what you are in for, but the scene remains shocking every time.

  6. Shower scene from “Psycho.” The murder is not actually shown, but after watching it, no one feels like taking a shower. The movie actually lowered the personal hygiene on the American people for a few days. You know its one of the coolest horror movie death scenes in a horror movie when you realize even Mel Brooks parodied this movie's death scene in High Anxiety.

  7. The death of the father in “Shaun of the Dead.” If only this movie had a different hero. The hero, who shall remain nameless, informs his mother why the zombie behind them is no longer his father.

  8. Kolchak killing the vampire in “The Night Stalker.” In this horror movie death, the hero wins, evil is defeated, and the government runs the good guy out-of-town for his troubles. If only the series this movie spawned had lasted longer.

  9. The drowning scene in “Saw V." The set up doesn't make sense, but watching the guy's panicked reaction is worth the two minutes that it takes to watch this scene.

  10. Bill Murray's death in “Zombie Land.” The astute observer realized that Bill Murray dressing up as a zombie was not going to end well. The life lesson here is: don't dress up as a zombie after a zombie apocalypse! But then you probably wouldn't wind up on the list of the ten best horror movie deaths.