The 10 best horror movie death scenes are bloody and fantastic. Horror movies are known for their graphic nature. The death scenes are no exception to this rule.

  1. "Psycho" The infamous shower scene needs no introduction. From the creepy shadows to the horrific music, this horror movie death scene is reenacted over and over again. It's kept people peeking their eyes open in the shower for years!

  2. "The Omen" People consider a new baby to be a blessing, but what happens when its a curse? In "The Omen," there are many death scenes, but one that truly stands out is the decapitation scene by the sheet of glass. A man's head goes flying off into the air. It's one traumatic horror movie death scene that will always be remembered.

  3. "Day of the Dead" This film mixes horror and suspense masterfully with the death scene. It involves a beautiful blonde woman getting her eye slowly impaled by a wooden splinter. It wouldn't be as awful if it wasn't a long and painful process!

  4. "Alien" The infamous "chestburster" scene was absolutely horrifying for its day. By having little soundtrack play, it makes the scene bloodier, grosser, and more disgusting then ever imagined. Too bad the man with the alien coming out of his chest couldn't live to help kill that little guy.

  5. "A Nightmare On Elm Street" Johnny Depp's character gets sucked into his bed by Freddy Krueger. He comes back up, but as pounds and pounds of blood and disgusting juices. It's one of the best horror movie death scenes to date as it uses camera tricks to make the blood squirt out even more.

  6. "House of Wax" Poor Paris Hilton. Running in her underwear, she didn't have fighting chance when she got brutally impaled in this horror film. The death scene is preceded by several minutes of frantic running, but she certainly gets it in the end.

  7. "The Blob" This 1988 remake of the classic horror movie hit, is more gruesome than before. The scene in which the handyman gets sucked into the sink by the blob is bewildering and disgusting. Somehow the blob has enough strength and power to fit his large body down the pipe of a sink.

  8. "Scream" Getting hacked to death is a great way to start a horror movie. Drew Barrymore's death scene is complimented by her white top being covered in red blood. It ends with her being dragged by her feet and hung by her neck, just in time for her parents to see.

  9. "Saw III" Who knew ice could be so gross? In "Saw III" a woman gets frozen to death whilst hanging naked in a freezer as she begins to be slowly and painfully sprayed by ice cold water. She quickly becomes a block of ice and it's too late.

  10. "Jaws" This horror movie death scene uses the element of unforeseen fear. In the opening sequence, beautiful, blonde, Chrissie Watkins gets jerked underwater during a skinny dipping adventure. The reason this is such a great death scene, is not because of the blood, its because of the darkness.