With every great horror movie that has a wild-eyed killer comes one of these 10 best horror movie action figures. There are a wide variety of these horror action figures which can be bought online or in specialty film and comic book stores, most of which are from classic horror action films.

  1. Jason Vorhees: The "Friday the 13th" killer (at least in the sequels) can be found as an eighteen inch tall action figure which also makes sounds. With some of these Jason action figures, you can also remove the mask to see Jason's gnarled, deformed face.

  2. Freddy Krueger: The "Nightmare on Elm Street's" killer is a burned and mutilated demon who wear knives on his hands and murders people in their dreams. His eighteen inch action figure also comes with sound and can be bought as an alarm clock, which is darkly funny but also a little strange.

  3. Robert Englund Freddy Krueger Horror Action figure: This is a collectable horror action figure for the true fans, which has Robert Englund, the star of the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" films, dressed in fully Freddy Krueger costume complete with knives on his figure, but no make-up or mask.

  4. Pamela Vorhees Horror Action Figure: Not to spoil the original "Friday the 13th" for anyone, but it's actually Jason's mother murdering everyone. So it only figures that she should have her own collectible horror action figure.

  5. Chucky: A horror film about a doll which murders people is basically a film about a horror action figure which murders people. The character sells the horror action figures at the same time.

  6. Hellraiser: The lead character in "Hellraiser" has nails driven into his face and a really goth leather overcoat. Many of these horror action figures have sound installed in them, as well.

  7. Leatherface: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"'s most horrifically violent character would cut off the skin on other people's faces and put it on his own deformed mug. These action figures are rare, but collectible-worthy.

  8. American Psycho Patrick Bateman Horror Action Figure: From the bizarrely brilliant film "American Psycho," the Manhattan businessman in a suit brandishing a knife is a collectible horror action figure from an iconic film about the insane consumerism of the 1980's.

  9. Michael Myers: The infamous killer from the film "Halloween" with the disturbing, expressionless white mask and machete is another classic horror action figure.

  10. Creature From the Black Lagoon: A classic film has a timeless horror action figure of a creature, covered in moss, climbing off the shelf you have it placed upon.