The 10 best horror Asian movies will get your blood flowing and keep your lights on at night. What could be a simple sound, an animal or a regular shadow can appear more than what it seems. Don’t take for granted the slightest things because it just might kill you!

  1. "Ringu" (Japanese) - Nothing tops the horror Asian movies list than a creepy girl coming out of your television. This movie will have you second guessing watching old unmarked VHS tapes. If you’re unsure of what you’re watching, be careful! You may only have seven days to live.

  2. "Ju-On" (Japanese) - When moving into a previously owned house, make sure you check the rental history. Disgruntled spirits can easily become attached to something that was apart of their life. Even if that something is your home and they were murdered in it.

  3. "The Eye" (Chinese) - Don’t rush too quickly to get eye surgery, you never know where the eyes been! A horror Asian movie that will make a life changing procedure end up being the worse decision you could make.

  4. "Audition" (Japanese) - This horror Asian movie is centered around a false audition held by a widowed executive for an actress. Not just any actress but his new wife. When the girl of the executives dreams is chosen there is more to her than meets the eye. You’ll never want to hear the phrase, “Kiri, kiri, kiri,” again.

  5. "Tale of Two Sisters" (Korean) - Nothing is stronger than the bond of siblings. In this horror Asian movie two sisters return home from being admitted into a mental hospital. Throw in a wicked stepmother and mysterious events happening at home

  6. "One Missed Call" (Japanese) - This psychological horror Asian movie will make you use you never got unlimited calling. One friend’s death leads to mysterious phone tag calls from the grave. When they finally get their message it will be their last.

  7. "Into the Mirror" (Korean) - Years ago a tragic fire in a shopping mall claims the lives of others. Now people are starting to die after the mall is reopened to the public. A detective starts to investigate the strange deaths and makes a shocking discovery.

  8. "Diary: Wishful Thinking" (Chinese) - A horror Asian that will leave you thinking twice about dating. What started off as a simple gesture of affection turns deadly when a delusional girl is stil hung up on her ex boyfriend. In her mind she sees things differently. In reality she is more than what she seems.

  9. "Shutter" (Taiwanese) - They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A photographer starts seeing ghostly images in all of his pictures after him and his girlfriend’s car accident. What his girlfriend doesn’t know is that there is a story behind the photos.

  10. "Cinderella" (Korean) - Sometimes the price of beauty is too high. This horror Asian movie is about what happens when you tamper with your natural beauty. A girl, who’s the daughter of a plastic surgeon, is rumored to having had surgery. When the people around her start going under the knife, the results are more than what they paid for.