The 10 best ghosts caught in movies are a lively bunch. Whether a fictional movie or a documentary, there have been many ghostly encounters on film that continue to be enjoyed by ghost lovers. There are classic ones that still appear regularly on television and can also be ordered for view from a provider such as Netflix.

  1. "Ghosts on the Underground" is a mystery documentary showing haunting in the London underground, the world's oldest underground network of tube tunnels. Staff members tell stories of phantom passengers, those seen on security cameras, and many other experiences.

  2. "A Haunting in Connecticut" is one of the pilot episodes that led to the series "A Haunting" on the Discovery ChannelThis episode tells of a family who move to a house that was a former funeral home and has its former owners lurking in the basement!

  3. "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg always brings tears to the eyes no matter how many times it is watched. It became even more poignant when Patrick Swayze died way too early and the news programs showed glimpses of Patrick in this movie which seemed so true to his real life and deep love for his wife. There will be a musical stage version opening in 2011 in the West End.

  4. "GhostBusters" was written by its co-stars Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. They added Bill Murray to this 1984 delightful movie about ghost capturers.  Later there was a sequel in 1989, two animated television series, and there is talk of a potential third movie where the original cast members might have minor roles. 

  5. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" was a movie back in 1947 with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. A widow falls in love with the ghost of a hot-tempered captain.  It became a radio play and a Screen Director's Playhouse with Charles Boyer. A television sitcom with this same premise was popular from 1968 to 1970. 

  6. "The Blair Witch Project" was a very successful documentary made on a very small budget. College kids talk about a dead witch  that got lost in the woods.  You never get to see her, which leaves her looks up to your imagination.

  7. "Poltergeist" is another family story where the young daughter disappears. The home was over an old cemetery which still had the bodies under the house. 

  8. "The Haunting" is a 1963 movie about supernatural investigators visiting an old mansion. Shadows and sound effects delivered plenty of scares long before the days of special effects.

  9. "The Sixth Sense" is about a young boy who regularly sees dead people. The counselor trying to help the boy has a surprise at the end of the movie.

  10. "The Shining" is said to be the movie that made the career of Jack Nicholson. A resort being house-sat by a writer and his family is haunted by ghosts, and the experience questions the sanity of the writer.