Some of the 10 best English horror scenes are the scariest you will see in films from anywhere in the world. We're lucky enough to be enjoying a new wave of horror films from England, with several good ones coming out every year. These scenes are some of the best English horror movie scenes. Just a warning to readers, there will be spoilers here. A list of the best English horror scenes is going to include scenes that are pivotal ones from the movie in question. If there are any movies here that you have not seen, you may want to skip that entry on the list.

  1. "28 Days Later" Jim waking alone in the hospital. The sheer creepiness of Jim awakening in a deserted city lets us excuse the unlikeliness of him waking up at all.

  2. "Shaun of the Dead" Whaling on the zombies to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." Music is used to bring humor to frightening scenes again and again in this movie, but the pub scene is one of the best English horror scenes.

  3. "The Descent" Sarah stabbing Juno in the leg and using her as a distraction to escape from the crawlers. With all we've learned of Juno's character at this point, it's hard not to cheer Sarah on for the callous move.

  4. "Horror of Dracula" Dracula crumbles to dust when Van Helsing pushes him into the sunlight. Anyone who grew up watching Hammer films remembers the image of his ring falling to the floor as he disintegrates in this haunting English horror scene.

  5. "The Reeds" Chris's impalement when the boat first crashes. This English horror scene is truly cringe-worthy, as every time the boat shifts, the metal piercing through his body causes him more pain.

  6. "Dog Soldiers" "Hit me. Knock me out." Sarge screams for Cooper to hit him. Cooper does, but it doesn't knock Sarge out. This great English horror scene showcases the dark humor that makes "Dog Soldiers" such a great horror movie.

  7. "The Fearless Vampire Killers" Seeing the mirror at the vampire ball. Our vampire hunters are suddenly caught in a scene that is both scary and funny.

  8. "The Disappeared" Matt reaches for his brother Tom's toy truck, and Tom's ghostly arm grabs him from under the bed. It's one of the few explicitly supernatural occurrences in this film about a haunting, and one of the scariest horror scenes in the movie.

  9. "Severance" Steve finds a tooth in the meat pie. The corporate drones of "Severance" are a little slow, but audiences can figure out from this English horror scene that that isn't beef in that meat pie.

  10. "Lesbian Vampire Killers" Camilla is stabbed through the heart. The heroes save the day in this unlikely but awesome horror scene from this comedy horror vampire movie by throwing a heavy sword and managing to skewer the villain.