What are the 10 best bad horror movies? The best bad horror movies are usually the funniest. They make you laugh because they are too stupid to take seriously. If you want some chuckles, check out the following bad horror movies. 

  1. "C.H.U.D." - The subway tunnels of New York City become a breeding ground for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers" after becoming a nuclear waste dump. An increase in missing people lead a widowed cop, a leftist soup kitchen volunteer and a reverend on a mission to stop these creatures. This bad horror movie from the 80's also has a pretty horrible sequel. 

  2. "Student Bodies" - A deranged killer makes harassing phone calls to teenagers with rubber chicken disguising his voice. Then he kills teens with bizarre weapons such as eggplants and pencil erasers. This classic horror movie spoof will bring lots of chuckles. 

  3. "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" - A strange circus tent appears near a small tow drive in movie theater. Two college students discover that this tent is breeding murderous clowns who take their victims' lives with cotton candy and popcorn. Like "Student Bodies", this bad horror movie is also a spoof. 

  4. "Scream" - Drew Barrymore plays Casey, who receives anonymous threatening phone calls in this 1996 horror movie. She must successfully answer movie trivia questions to keep herself and her boyfriend alive. They both end up dead, however. This bad horror movie plot goes on and on and on with more victims losing their lives. 

  5. "Child's Play" - A toy doll comes alive when a serial killer, gunned down by cops, enters its body. "Chucky" the doll ends up in the hands of a young boy named Alex. A series of murders bring investigators to Alex who insists that Chucky is the culprit. 

  6. "Night of the Living Dead" - Here is a classic zombie movie that is set in the back country of Pennsylvania. A family is trapped in a farmhouse that is attacked by zombies. Pennsylvania can be rather spooky, so this bad horror movie might actually be a true story. 

  7. "Leprechaun" - This bad horror movie stars Warwick Davis as an evil Leprechaun. The Wilsons move to a new home in Ireland. Little do they know that this house is nicknamed "Misfortune Mansion". The Wilsons obtain a leprechaun named Lucky to restore good luck to the estate. Then they find out the irony behind his name. This bad horror movie is a must see because Warwick also starred as Wicket the Ewok in "Return of the Jedi". 

  8. "Zombie Strippers" - Yes, some zombies are indeed strippers. A twisted government program unleashes a virus that kills people and resurrects them as zombies. The virus seems to boost exotic dancing skills, so some of the strippers grapple with the choice of either being mediocre humans or shining star zombies.

  9. "Dr. Giggles" - A murderous doctor gets caught, but his son, also a doctor, continues the tradition. This giggling physician kills his victims like any surgeon would. You will definitely giggle along with him in this bad horror movie from 1992.

  10. "Street Trash" - The local hobos in a Manhattan neighborhood get a fat discount on a batch of contaminated wine which causes them to melt. The bad horror movie gets even worse from here with scenes involving games of "catch" with human genitalia and, of course, a cop who tries to crack the mystery behind the mysterious deaths. This classic from 1987 is certainly one of the best bad horror movies ever made.