We all know that the 10 best Asian horror movies are good. Asian cinema is a broad term for anything that is, technically, film made within the continent of Asia. Many people actually prefer Asian horror movies for a wide variety of reasons. For example, Western movies are a bit too prone to cliches such as the "popped-Hollister-polo-wearing-guy" and "clutsy-clueless-blonde-girl-with-big-breasts". These walking, expendable stereotypes all manage to get murdered by a crazy man in a dark mask (to be noted, not all Asian horror movies are immune to this either). Let's take a walk through some of the 10 most scary, trippy, eery, best Asian horror movies.

  1. "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2003). This South Korean film was retooled in the United States as "The Uninvited" (2009), and subsequently scared audiences worldwide. The daughter of a wealthy doctor thinks that her stepmother is out to get them, but only to be found that the stepmother isn't the "true villain". Things aren't as they seem in this great of Asian horror movies. Pay attention closely.

  2. "Ringu" (1998). More commonly known to Americans as "The Ring", this version of Sadako Yamamura's story (later renamed "Samara Morgan") is an eery tale of a cursed videotape that kills its viewers within a week. Of course, in Western cinema, this epitome of best Asian horror movies spawned a sequel ("The Ring Two") and another upcoming one ("The Ring 3D").

  3. "Audition" (1999). Unlike most other Asian horror movies, "Audition" was not adapted as a Western film (at least not yet). A middle aged man is told by his son and co-workers to begin dating again, although he is a bit reclusive. In response, his friends host a fake audition for a nonexistent television show so as to find women to date him; his selection, however, turns out to be not-so-good.

  4. "The Eye" (2002). This Hong Kong horror film received a "good" 69% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes. As with most other good Asian horror movies, "The Eye" was later copied by Hollywood's 2008 film starring Jessica Alba. In this movie, a 20 year old blind violinist can see more than the viewer.

  5. "Cure" (1997). A police detective hunts down a serial killer in a series of bizarre murders; as the audience soon finds out, this serial killer is nothing more than different perpetrators who, oddly enough, perform the same types of murders and have no reason for killing their victims. What happens is up for the viewer to figure out in this amazing thriller of Asian horror movies.

  6. "Infection" (2004). A Japanese horror film of epic proportion. When an understaffed hospital accidently kills one of its patients, a coverup ensues. Infection stands out not only among Asian horror movies, but others of the same genre around the world.

  7. "Crazy Lips" (2000). Starring Kazuma Suzuki, "Crazy Lips" is the story of siblings of a widow who are in a state of confusion as their brother is fingered as the main suspect in a bunch of nasty serial killings. It turns out to be one of the coolest Asian horror movies of the new millennium, give or take a few Chinese years.

  8. "3 Extremes" (2004). Three short Asian horror films in one movie definitely makes for 3 extremes. The movie, coming out in 2004, later spawned a sequel (Three Extremes II).

  9. "Kill Devil" (2004). Scientists have isolated a single gene that compels people to kill, which (in turn) compels the police to round up young people with that gene and dump them on a deserted island. What seems like a harmless government experiment turns out to be more than murder.

  10. "Ju-On" (2003). Adopted into "The Grudge," "Ju-On" is the third installment in a series of mystery-based Asian horror movies. A vengeful ghost stalks, haunts, and pursues anyone who dares come into its abode.

Some of the best Asian horror movies aren't what many Westerners would call "horror". Instead, they rely on different plot twists, settings, and even ideas to convulse the viewer into a state of utter terror. Watch with caution, my friends.