The 10 best Asian horror movies of the 2000's is a list of surreally frightening films from all over the continent. There are dozens of skillfully made films put out each year, but these are some of our favorite Asian horror movies:

  1. "Black Night" (2006). A trio of directors collaborated to make this Asian horror movie involving themes of infidelity. The three stories are distinct, but share imagery and themes, and a grim mood throughout.

  2. "Infection" (2005). After workers in a struggling hospital cover up an accident that results in a patient's death, strange things begin happening to them all. Viewers will be guessing until the end what is causing the increasingly frightening events in this Asian horror movie.

  3. "Koma" (2004). Jealousy and privilege complicate matters when a young socialite stumbles upon an organ-stealing ring that may be operated by the woman who had an affair with her boyfriend.

  4. "Silk" (2006). Ghost-hunting scientists use an energy device to capture the ghost of a 13-year-old boy. When they try to isolate the dangerous ghost child, they unleash something even worse. If you want a different twist on the vengeful ghost plot, this Asian horror movie is one you should check out.

  5. "Suffocation" (2005). This is frequently described as mainland China's first horror movie. It is a subtle psychological horror film, using a dark atmosphere and creeping dread to move the story and unnerve the viewer.

  6. "Big Bang Love" (2006). Takashi Miike is one of Japan's best-known horror directors, and for good reason. In this Asian horror movie, he tells the story of two imprisoned murderers and their deadly relationship.

  7. "The Slit-Mouthed Woman" (2005). Asian horror movie characters are apparently as dumb as their American counterparts. A thrill-seeking couple enter a haunted hospital looking for a demon known as the Slit-Mouthed Woman, and get more than they were looking for in this explicit erotic Japanese horror movie.

  8. "Cello" (2005). This Asian horror movie brings us a chilling examination of guilt and revenge as a vengeful ghost causes a music teacher to suffer through the attacks on all her family members.

  9. "Cinderella" (2006). Vanity and the pursuit of beauty at the cost of all else leads to deadly punishments in this Korean horror movie.

  10. "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2004). In this twisted psychological horror movie, two sisters try to escape from their cruel stepmother. The story unfolds slowly through a series of creepy set pieces until the horrifying twist at the end.