The 10 best 80's horror movie scenes lifts the bar on fright in the first degree. Prepare to be scared when viewing these best 80's horror movie scenes as each explores film and scene details. Beware, nightmares may occur.

  1. "Altered States" defines madness in this sensory deprivation thriller. The most dangerous scientific experiment of all time involves Dr. Jessup, portrayed by William Hurt, LSD and altered mind states. The final LSD experiment while in the deprivation tank takes the Doctor mentally to what appears to be the beginning of cellular creation.

  2. "The Fog" left an aftertaste of caution on foggy days. It turns out a ghost comes back for his stolen gold. The scariest scene is when a woman climbs on top of a building looking down at a rung of stairs with filtering fog. A dark hand rises up and the woman slips down into the ghost's path.  She sees the face with skin full of worms seeping through.

  3. "The Shining" marks an entirely new level of fear. The moment the main character begins to beat a door down with an ax to kill his loved ones is the moment etched in horror history.

  4. "American Werewolf of London" was deemed outstanding in costume and make up design. One of the two college tourist backpackers is bitten by a werewolf and then turns into one. The crunch of the bones, the pull on the skin, and the nails growing through the fingers left chills down the viewers' backs. 

  5. "Poltergeist" produced special effects of the first kind.  The scene to fear the most involves a dark area underneath a bed and a boy who has no idea that he is going to be attacked by a toy clown. The boy looks under his bed as the clown's arms stretch long enough behind him to wrap around the boy's neck.

  6. "The Thing" can get under your skin, literally. Who could forget the mind blowing scene where an Arctic canine fell ill only to bust from the inside due to a host involving an unidentified alien entry? The canine is ripped by his new live-in alien companion. 

  7. "Christine" put the "care" in scare in 1983. It was John Carpenter who gave "Christine" life on the big screen. "Christine" marks a new beginning of mind possession and cursed material objects. The eye catching, mouth dropping, unpredictable scene where Christine, a classic 1958 Plymouth Fury, comes alive and attacks high school nerd's bullies in an auto shop defines the movie's horrific possibilities with each grilling blow.

  8. "Cujo" gave animal lovers something to consider in 1983. Cujo, a  large Saint Bernard, kept viewers on edge throughout the movie. A mother and son with a broken down car find themselves trapped by a dog with one of the worst rabies cases seen on film. "Cujo" never lets up. The scene where "Cujo" jumps through the window of the home once everything grows silent shatters the sense of escape.

  9. "Children of the Corn" will make you stay clear of corn crops. This is your run of the mill barbaric tribe of evil children killing adults as ordered by the corn crops. The answer to overcoming them was to burn the crop. In the scene where the two adults try to burn the crops against the force of the entity, viewers remain on the edge of their seats.

  10. "Pet Sematary" has comedy and horror. However, the horror scene where Gus, an egotistical, disrespectful stepfather and officer who comes back to life after being killed, reenters the storyline leaves the viewers in disbelief. Gus enters the scene with large gashes, skin torn and a neck that just will not stand up right.