What are 10 awesome vampire movies? Vampires have been a staple of horror movies for a long time, and have more increasingly been seen as the anti-hero rather than the monster. Some people think that modern interpretations are awesome and some will lean towards the classical villain type vampire. This list includes some of each in order to appeal to everyone.

  1. "Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror" - The original vampire movie. A silent movie classic with the horrific type vampire. A truly awesome work which holds up well when watched by modern fans.

  2.  "Dracula" - Bela Lugosi's version of Dracula. For years his was the face you saw in your mind's eye when you heard the name Dracula. No vampire collection would be complete without this awesome movie.

  3. "Horror of Dracula" - the first of Christopher Lee's awesome Hammer films vampire movies. He was perhaps the start of the "sexy" vampire, or where sex was used in the lore of the vampire.

  4. "The Night Stalker" - Made for TV movie about a reporter, Darrin McGavin tracking down a vampire in Las Vegas. Very campy, very funny, over acted, and entirely awesome to watch and enjoy.

  5. "Dracula" - Frank Langella's interpretation of the classic vampire. An awesome movie in its own right, his was the first truly sexual vampire which used the bite as the sexual component of the relationship.

  6. Interview with the Vampire" - Excellent and intricate story, awesome cast, and spectacular sets make this a must see for any vampire lover. The tale takes the user on a ride in the lives of three vampires as told to a modern day reporter. Anne Rice provides the storyline for this awesome telling of a best seller.

  7.  "Blade" - Awesome movie about a half human half vampire hybrid whose mission is life is to destroy all vampires. Wesley Snipes plays plays Blade and is true in his interpretation to the comic book origins of Blade.

  8. "Underworld" - Movie about the war between the vampires and the werewolves. A dark gothic style, fast paced action, and Kate Beckinsale in black leather/vinyl make this a visually attractive and awesomely fun movie to watch.

  9. "Underworld Evolution" -  The second movie in the Underworld trilogy. This is a continuation which explores the love between a vampire and a vampire/werewolf hybrid. The fast pace, dark Goth style, action, and great monster characters make this an awesome addition to the vampire genre.  

  10. "Twilight" - The latest craze in the vampire movie genre. The awesome movie interpretation of the best selling series of books by Stephenie Meyer has become a runaway mega hit. A love story between a human and a vampire, and the love triangle which includes a werewolf is the basis for this mega hit must see vampire movie.

Those are 10 awesome vampire movies. Are they the top 10? That is probably debatable. they are however awesome movies the vampire buff will enjoy. They range from the classical, to the latest craze in vampires. Enjoy, and don't forget the popcorn.