The 10 awesome horror movies do not posses a ton of gore and high body counts. Gruesome deaths and cramming as many deaths possible into a horror movie usually equates to cheap thrills. Awesome horror movies provide scares, and great plots that make the audience not only think, but remember the movie.

  1. "Saw" The awesome horror movie is about a serial killer named Jigsaw who technically does not kill his victims. Jigsaw sets up tests, and if the victim makes a sacrifice they stay alive, if not, they die. It is one of the 10 awesome horror movies because the ending is a complete shock that left audiences stunned.

  2. "Alien" A mining ships crew investigate a SOS on another planet. While there the crew of eight discover evil aliens that want to tear humans the shreds. It's one of the 10 awesome horror movies because the 1979 film could be mistaken for a modern film because it was so ahead of its time.

  3. "The Exorcist" The 1973 horror movie is about a young girl named Regan who gets an exorcism after she becomes mysteriously possessed. One of the 10 awesome horror movies because Regan has no boundaries while possessed. At one point Regan is stabbing her genitalia with a crucifix screaming as the priests look on with horror.

  4. "The Shining" The cult classic awesome horror movie is about a family moving into a haunted hotel. They are the winter caretakers of the almost abandoned hotel, and the evil spirits slowly turn the father insane. It is an action packed movie that has many standout moments including, redrum, twin girl ghosts, and the short but memorable quote, "Here's Johnny!"

  5. "Psycho" The 1960 black and white film is still regarded as an awesome horror movie. It is about Marion, a female office worker who steals money from her employer, and flees town. While driving she comes upon the Bates Motel and decides to stay the night. The motel seems to be run by an overbearing mother and her creepy son, but nothing is ever as it seems.

  6. "The Sixth Sense" The bone-chilling awesome horror movie has one of the greatest twist endings ever. The movie is about a young boy who can see dead people, and the psychologist trying to help the child cope with his sixth sense. The horror movie has great suspense, and moments that will make you jump with fright.

  7. "The Orphanage" The 2007 horror movie revolves around Laura bringing her adopted son, and husband to where she was raised, an orphanage. Laura wants to create an orphanage for handicapped kids, but before she gets started her adopted son Simon goes missing. The explanation of what happened to Simon is completely realistic and is why it's an awesome horror movie.

  8. "Martyrs" Fifteen years after escaping being held against her will, Lucie barges into a families home and starts killing everyone. She swears the parents were responsible for her kidnapping, and when Lucie's best friend helps to dispose of the bodies the plot take an unexpected turn. The 2007 awesome horror movie has little blood shed, but a unique story that is sometimes hard to watch.

  9. "Basket Case" A cute and charming young man always carries a wicker basket containing his deformed surgically removed Siamese twin brother. Together, the brothers track down and murder the doctors who separated them. The 1982 low budget horror movie has great special effects, especially when it comes to the deformed brother.

  10. "Orphan" A couple adopt a girl to fill the void of losing a child. Nine-year-old Esther seems like the perfect daughter, until she starts manipulating her step-siblings and plotting against the mother. It is one of the 10 awesome horror movies because if you are not aware of the twist ending, it comes as a complete shock.