In looking to get a fair share of fright, delving into one of 10 American exorcism movies is a fantastic way to feed that urge to get scared. Whether you opt for one of the classics, or some of the more gory recent releases, there are droves of unique story lines and frightful scenes to knock your socks off.

  1. "Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist." In delving into a list of ten American exorcism movies, movies that deal with the story line of the original "Exorcist" cannot be neglected. This prequel takes place before the first "Exorcism" following the early days of Father Merrin. A church is discovere buried outside of Cairo, and Father Merrin is sent to investigate; upon arriving, it is obvious this is no mere church, and that evil has a firm foothold in the region. 

  2. "The Exorcist." This masterpiece is a must for any list of ten American Exorcism movies. The brilliant depiction of Lucifer's hold over a young girl scared millions upon its release and continues to do so many decades later. Many exorcism fanatics mark this movie as the one and only flawless exorcist movie.

  3. "Exorcist II: The Heretic." Following the events of the first movie four years later, this movie takes on a generic story line of a seventeen year old Regan recovering from her first run in with demonic possession. Despite falling short of the frightening appeal of the first movie, this one still has it's scary moments and is worth taking a look at.

  4. "Exorcist III Legion." This movie takes place fifteen years after the original "Exorcist" film and focuses on Lt. William Kinderman who is investigating a series of murders that all seem to have some sort of Satanic connection. This movie is a slight improvement from the second installment, and has some nice, disturbing surprises for unsuspecting viewers.

  5. "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." This American exorcism movie loosely depicts a story based off true events. Brilliantly portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter, Emily Rose is an innocent farm girl who falters to the forces of evil. In conjunction with disturbing scenes and details of the possession, the movie also follows the courtroom drama of the priest involved in the exorcism being tried for accidental homicide in her death.

  6. "Exorcist: The Beginning." This American exorcism movie is a prequel that takes place before the original, following the early days of Father Merrin as he ventures into the deserts of Cairo to investigate a mysterious buried church. As the movie unwinds, it becomes apparent this is no normal church, and that Lucifer has a firm hold on the area. While this movie is frowned upon by critics, the story is intriguing and it contains some truly terrifying scenes.

  7. "Rec 2." Initially, this film appears to be based more so around a viral pandemic; however, as the movie persists, it becomes evident what it is exactly we are dealing with as the religious aspect becomes more apparent. "REC 2" is a modern, all around scary exorcism movie.

  8. "The Last Exorcism." Following Reverend Cotton Marcus, this movie is similar to "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" in that it depicts a priest who is assuming he is just in route to another generic possession, only to find that the case surrounding a teenage farmer's daughter named Nell is anything but ordinary.

  9. "Repossessed." This film depicts the brilliance of Leslie Nielsen in providing the perfect material for a spoof; this film is the ultimate spoof of "the Exorcist" and any corresponding Exorcism film.

  10. "Beetlejuice." This is an extremely strange and humorous take on the typical exorcism movie. Taking a new approach to the concept of ridding a home of an entity, Beetlejuice is hired by two spirits to rid a home of living habitants. Original, humorous and disturbing are adequate adjectives for this film.