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Gangsters (in the movies) have it all. Cool clothes (Vincent Vega). Hot women (Mia Wallace). Big guns (AK-47s). But even the seemingly invincible (Tony Montana) always go down in the end. Screen Junkies loves to vicariously experience these spectacular downfalls much as you do which is why you’ll find articles on the best and baddest badass gangster movies from “Goodfellas” to Guy Ritchie films, with all the peaks (of cocaine) and valleys (of death) in between.

10 Best Movies About Gangs
Sunday, January 23 by Tom Gordon

The 10 best movies about gangs covers gangs with great dance moves and gangs with guns across more than 50 years of moviemaking. While gangs tend to occupy a place…

10 Best Chinese Gangster Movies
Saturday, January 22 by TK Marks

If you've never been exposed to the 10 best Chinese gangster movies, you're missing out. For a country with strict anti-gun laws, there is no shortage of firepower to be…

10 Best Gangsters Movies Of The 90’s
Thursday, January 20 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best gangsters movies of the 90's moved the stories from the mob family to a more street tough persona. These movies were about the criminal activities and the…

Top Ten Gangster Movies Of The 2000’s
Thursday, January 20 by Shawn Lealos

The top 10 gangster movies of the 2000’s mostly moved away from the streets of New York City and branched out, telling criminal stories from all over the world. Whether…

10 Best Latino Gang Movies
Thursday, January 20 by sameerah blue

Throw on some khakis and get down with your inner cholo with the ten best Latino gang movies. The ten best Latino gang movies generally fall into three categories: inspirational,…

10 Best Old Gangster Movies
Thursday, January 20 by Shawn Lealos

The 10 best old gangster movies stretch back to the silent era and the groundbreaking films in the genre came at the advent of sound cinema. The movies tell the…

10 Best Mexican Gangster Movies
Thursday, January 20 by Annette Smith

If you’re a fan of crime films, you’re probably familiar with these 10 best Mexican gangster movies. Crime films in this genre generally focus on three things: violence (mafia wars…

10 Good Gangster Movies
Tuesday, January 18 by Jennifer Potts

With all the great films out there, finding 10 good gangster movies is not a difficult task. These ten good gangster movies might be your favorites or films you enjoyed….

5 Best Jamaican Gangster Movies
Thursday, December 16 by Joi Gilliam

Looking for the 5 best Jamaican gangster movies? Everyone loves a good gangster movie, but sometimes the ruthless Italian mobster scene gets a little old. Likewise, the typical inner-city backdrop…

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