There are a lot of gangsta movies out there worth watching and Mexican gangsta movies make up a decent portion of them. When you think of gangsta movies, what comes to mind? People hear the term "gangsta movie," and a certain John Singleton film comes to mind. You know, "Boyz N the Hood." Another famous gangsta movie is "Menace II Society." "Good Fellas" is another great gangsta movie. But, what about the Mexican gangsta movies? They are out there, and if you haven't seen them, you're in for a real treat. These five Mexican gangsta movies have all the raw, visceral realism that make other gangsta movies hot. Check these Mexican gangsta movies out.

  1. "Blood In, Blood Out" (1993). When you talk about the best gangsta movies out, this movie has to be in the conversation. It follows the lives of thre brothers growing up in Los Angeles. One get's caught up in the system, spending his life in and out of jail while growing his gang into a powerful entity on the streets as well as in the pen. The other brother eventually shuns the thug life and becomes a straight laced cop. The third brother gets caught up in the drug life and becomes a drug fiend. This is easily one of the best gangsta movies, Mexican or otherwise, ever.

  2. "American Me" (1992). This movie chronicles the life of a Mexican mafia kingpin. Movies don't get any more real than this, especially seeing as how this flick is based on a true story. You get to see the prison gang life in its most raw, brutal state. You also get to witness the struggles of a bad guy that wants to get out of the life. Great film.

  3. "187" (1997). Though this movie is based around a teacher's struggle to continue teaching after being brutally attacked by a gang member, it does a good job exploring, or at least creating, a deep view of the Los Angeles Mexican gang life. This movie is over the top. It's a great revenge flick that just happens to be a Mexican gangsta movie.

  4. "Desperado" (1995). This flick isn't about realism. It's all about guns, explosions and even more guns. This Antonio Banderas vehicle is pure action from start to finish. It's actually the second flick in a trilogy of Mexican based gang movies. Oh, and Salma Hayek stars opposite Banderas. She's definitely enough to see.

  5. "Sin Nombre" (2009). This flick is probably the best of the bunch. It's all about the Mexican gangs. One young gangster decides that it's time to get out of the gang life. The former thug attempts to cross the border into the United States. More so than exploring the violent lifestyle of gangsters, this flick does a good job exploring the inner war of a kid battling leaving a hard life behind only to enter into an even tougher existence. Be ready to read subtitles though.