KGB movies take the former Cold War era agents and made them legendary villains in so many action movies and spy thrillers. The KGB, like their CIA counterparts, had their influence spread all across the world for the former Soviet Union during the Cold War era movies. Many movies depicted the KGB as a fearsome group of cold blooded Russian killers whose only goal was domination as a super power by gathering intelligence and assassination. Spy movies during the Cold War especially took the mysterious KGB as their typical foe both in methods and ideology. KGB movies have a special place in history of the world in the grip of a Cold War between super powers and the struggle against communism from the West.

  1. "From Russia With Love" James Bond must find a Russian encryption device stolen by the evil organization SPECTRE. With a Russian beauty in tow, 007 faces off with the villainous Donald Grant and former KGB agent with a poisoned tip shoe in Rosa Klebb. Sean Connery reprises his role as the suave super spy who fights for the crown and country. 

  2. "Terminal Velocity" Recluse skydiver Ditch Brodie finds more than he bargained for when he takes on a beautiful student who inadvertently gets killed during a lesson. Soon, the young woman reappears and turns out to be an ex-KGB who is tracking down the Russian mafia from stealing a fortune in gold. Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski star in this high adrenaline action movie about post Cold War intrigue.

  3. "Red Scorpion" Dolph Lundgren is a KGB agent Lt. Nikolai Rachenko, assigned to Africa to assassinate a rebel against the Communist presence. He learns about the brutal occupation at the hands of his Russian countrymen and Cuban allies toward the African locals. Rachenko escapes his imprisonment due to his insubordination and helps the African rebels against the tyrannical oppressors.

  4. "Firefox" Clint Eastwood directs and stars as pilot Mitchell Grant who goes behind the iron curtain of the Soviet Union to steal a secret jet fighter code named Firefox. He must contend with cold blooded KGB agents who will prevent him from acquiring their powerful ne weapon to against their rivals in the Western world. Now, the old school fighter pilot must overcome the odds in order to avoid World War III and possible Communist supremacy of the skies. 

  5. "Farewell" Christian Carion wrote and directed this depiction of the Cold War era when a French agent uncovers a secret Soviet operation. His high level intelligence comes from a burnt out KGB agent named Sergei Grigoriev. The agent races to provide this vital information while a crumbling regime tries to hold its loyalties together.