If you enjoy action/crime films, you have to watch all of  the Chicano gangster movies in this article. Gangsters are a reality that exist in every culture. Here is a list of Chicano gangster movies for you to enjoy.

  1. "Together Brothers" (1974). This movie follows a Texas street gang with Chicanos and African American members. After the gang leader's five year old brother witnesses the murder of a police officer, the Together Brothers must protect him until they can find the killers.

  2. "Boulevard Nights" (1979). This movie focuses on the trials and tribulations of a street gangster. The plot follows a Chicano gang member as he tries to leave the life, only to find himself pulled deeper into it.

  3. American Me" (1992). This is a Chicano crime saga about the Mexican Mafia. A prison gang leader who is released after an eighteen year sentence returns to his old neighborhood with plans to live a crime free life; but, his old gang buddies make it impossible for him to stay straight.

  4. "Hitz" (1992). This Chicano gangster movie is about street justice. After a witness to a gang murder agrees to testify against a member, he is gunned down in court. Now, the presiding judge also finds herself the target of the same gang.

  5. "My Crazy Life" (1993). This movie is about female Chicano gangsters. The story touches on everything that gang life can lead to including teenage pregnancy, trying to leave the gang for a different life, and doing time in prison.

  6. "Blood In Blood Out" (1993). This movie features three Chicano friends living in 1972 East Los Angeles.. The interwoven plot follows them up to and after gang violence changes their lives, but they remain connected. One becomes a decorated cop, another a career criminal and eventual prison gang leader, and the other, a heroine addicted artist.

  7. "Veteranos" (1999). This Chicano movie is about the horrors of barrio life. After many senseless murders in their neighborhood, a Latin hip-hop crew hires a local veteran Chicano gangster for help and protection against the killers.

  8. "Living The Life" (2001). This is a female Chicano gangster movie. The story is about two ambitious friends who find it impossible to end the cycle of gang life, even though both are gifted dancers and one wants to go to college.

  9. "The Street King" (2002). This Chicano gangster movie tells the story of what you have to do to be, and stay, king on the streets. It is gritty, tense, and was filmed in gangland Los Angeles.

  10. "Havoc" (2005). This movie is about two naive girls who set out to experience the gangster life. Soon after their visit to the Chicano run streets of East Los Angeles to buy drugs, they find themselves in deep trouble, with no way out.