If you're interested in the life of the "World's Greatest Outlaw", here are the ten best Pablo Escobar movies. Escobar was the most elusive cocaine trafficker ever and the 7th richest man on the planet according to Forbes. In 1986, Escobar offered to cover the US's $10 billion national debt. Such a colorful character obviously inspired a bevy of films. 

  1. "Killing Pablo". This project has already had several iterations, starting as a 31 part series published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, then as a companion documentary of the same title that aired on CNN, and then as a book . A theatrical version is in production under Bob Yari however there is no scheduled release date.

  2.  "Blow" (2001). "Blow" is actually the story of George Jung, an American who established the cocaine market stateside during the 1970s. Of course, Pablo Escobar figures prominently in this film as he is George’s supplier (along with 80% of the world). Cliff Curtis gives a good performance as Escobar.

  3. "Medellín". Leah Zibulsky of GQ said that, Vincent Chase delivers an astonishing Scarface-caliber performance in a brilliantly told story by Billy Walsh.” Too bad this “film” was only made in the fictional world of HBO’s "Entourage". All the same, the trailers and extensive buzz generated by the show’s fake movie (and accompanying website) has whetted the public’s appetite for the upcoming “real” Escobar movies earning the fictional "Medellín" a spot on the list of the best Pablo Escobar movies.

  4. "Pablo Escobar: The King of Coke (2007)". Sensitive viewers beware as this movie shows numerous mangled corpses. This DVD contains comparisons of Escobar to bin Laden and the numerous interviews with DEA agents, politicians, and more qualify this as one of the best Pablo Escobar movies.

  5. "Pablo Escobar: The Terror of Colombia DVD". This unrated DVD from A&E Television Networks contains real footage and numerous interviews. This is not a sensationalized Hollywood picture; it’s a fact-based depiction of one of the world’s most compelling criminal figures.

  6. "Private Archives of Pablo Escobar (2004)". For the first time, Escobar’s story is recounted by close family members and associates. Gathered from over 600 hours of never-before-seen footage provided by Escobar's family, this movie has candid interviews with his mother and siblings. Marc de Beaufort's griping documentary showcases Escobar's many contradictions and gives deeper insight into why he was viewed as a modern-da Robin Hood.

  7. "Sins of My Father (2009)". For years, we've been promised a big-budget movie about the Colombian drug baron. "Sins of My Father" is a different kind of movie. Following Pablo’s murder his son, Juan fled to Buenos Aires and changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín, to escape his father's legacy. For the first time since Escobar's death, Marroquín comes forward to tell his father's story. He took this film to Sundance. This is one of the best Pablo Escobar movies as it shows a historic meeting between Marroquín and  sons of two Colombian politicians Escobar killed. 

  8. "Pablo Escobar" (2012). This chronicle of the life of Pablo Escobar is in pre-production and is being directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by David McKenna who is known for "American History X" and "Blow", another one of the best Pablo Escobar movies. Slated to be produced by the legendary Oliver Stone, this feature film has been delayed due to his commitment to the George W. Bush movie, "W".

  9. "The Two Escobars" (2010). This sports-themed documentary by directors Jeff and Michael Zimbalist reflects on Colombia's World Cup run in 1994 and the relationship between sports and the country's criminal gangs, most notably the Medellín cartel controlled by Escobar. The film’s other Escobar is former Colombian National Team defender Andrés Escobar (no relation), who was murdered after his goal cost Colombia the 1994 World Cup.

  10. "The True Story of Killing Pablo" (2002). A detailed exploration of the criminal life of Escobar that explores the largest manhunt in history as well as the controversial 1993 killing of Escobar on a rooftop in Medellin, Colombia. Based on the book 'Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw', by author Mark Bowden (who anchors the program), this movie shows crucial moments of Escobar's life and shocking revelations Bowden uncovered while researching the book.

-Anthony Sills