The 5 best Korean gangster movies may surprise you. Korean movies are quite popular and make up some of the finest in cinema. These five Korean gangster movies are well directed and acted. Korean movies are no laughing matter, look into these five gangster movies and decide for yourself. Great movies need not be just from the USA; Korea has much to offer as these gangster movies prove.

  1. “Chingoo (Friend)” 2001: Takes place in the 1970s and follows the path of four friends. Two of the friends went off to college and soon return to where they grew up. They find that the two friends they had left behind have fallen to drugs and gangs. The four are soon pitted against one another in a struggle to retain their friendship.

  2. “Jjakpae” (The City of Violence)” 2006: Is about Detective Tae-su who returns to the funeral of high school friend. He meets up with some old pals and they talk about the old days. As the conversation linger doubts about their friend Wang-jae surface. Tae-su looks deeper into and finds that organized crime in his hometown may very well be involved in his friend’s death.

  3. “Dalkomhaninsaeng (A Bittersweet Life)” 2005: Kim Sun-woo is a manager of a hotel and an enforcer for the mob. He soon finds that his life as a hotel manager has him helping his patrons and he learns that he rather enjoys the simple and easy life. Getting out of the mob as an enforcer however isn’t as simple as he might think.

  4. “KK Family List” 1997: This is the classic storyline in any language. It follows two lovers, both under the spell of their respective mobs. One is Korean and the other Chinese, the rival gangs are out for blood. Tae-woong and his new love Lily are both saving money for college and falling deeper in love but the gangs have other ideas.

  5. “Haebaragi (Sunflower)” 2006: Follows the tale of a young girl whose family is caught up in the mob. Her father a kingpin and he brothers are enforcers and she just want to be a left alone. She finds it impossible though, someone is always meddling in her life. Whether threatening her employer or breaking the legs of a boy who likes her, Sunflower soon sees that, she must take matters into her own hands.