5 Best French Gangster Movies

Thursday, July 21 by sameerah blue

If you think the only thing the French are good at are romance movies, you need to watch the five best French gangster movies. Ah, France the land of romance, the city of lights, the place where love rules and dreams come true. If that’s your perception of France, then five best French gangster movies will shatter your brain by showing that the France is just as mean, dirty and capable of violence as every other major city on the planet. The movies that made the list of the five best French gangster movies are filled with murders and double crosses that will keep you in the edge of your seat and make you think about a lot more than romance the next time you think of France.

  1. “A Prophet” (2009) The first movie to make the list of the five best French gangster movies is all about pulling off the ultimate double cross. Malik has been thrown in jail after refusing to rat. While in prison he works his way up the ranks of a Corsican prison gang, but his bosses never realize that they are nursing a viper that could bring them down for good.
  2. “Vengeance” (2009) Twenty years ago a French chief gave up his life as a Mafia hit-man for a quiet life behind a stew pot. But he is drawn back into his old ways when his family is murdered. However instead of going off on his own to catch the killers, the chief hires three younger hit men to help with the job. Putting a different spin on revenge driven Mafia killings is why this is one of the five best French gangster movies.
  3. “Du Rififi Chez les Hommes” (1955) This one of the best French gangster movies proves the old saying,”The best laid plans don’t always get you laid the way you planned.” What at first seems to be the perfect heist goes horribly wrong when greed and murder come into play. The one message to take away from this one of the ten best French gangster movies is that a life of crime should be a solo endeavor.
  4. “Le Cercle Rouge” (1970) There is no such thing as innocence in this one of the ten best French gangster movies. A thief, a murderer and a crooked police sharpshooter are hired by a secretive Mafia boss to pull off a robbery. What seems to be the ultimate criminal team seems to thwarted by a dogged and honest cop. But not even the good guys are as clean as they would like us to believe in this one of the ten best French gangster movies.
  5. “Le Doulos” (1962) This one of the ten best French gangster movies raises the stakes with characters who are all looking to double cross each other somehow. After getting released from jail, a long time criminal commits a murder and a robbery before getting nabbed by a police, but before he goes away for life he put a hit out on the snitch that got him busted. But after another series of murders clears him of the crime he wonders if he has put a hit on the wrong man.
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