With all the great films out there, finding 10 good gangster movies is not a difficult task. These ten good gangster movies might be your favorites or films you enjoyed. No matter what, most people can agree they are definitely worth watching at least once.

  1. “The Godfather” This gangster movie was adapted from a novel by Mario Puzo. Made in 1972, this movie about American gangsters has thrilled and excited audiences of all ages for over four generations.

  2. “The Godfather: Part II” A good gangster movie to follow the original, this film was released in 1974. The script was written by Mario Puzo, author of the original novel, The Godfather.

  3. “Scarface” This 1983 gangster movie is a crime drama that is actually a remake of the film from 1932. The story depicts the cocaine craze of the 1980s in Miami.

  4. “Goodfellas” This gangster movie is based on a non-fiction piece of work entitled “Wiseguy.” Made in 1990, “Goodfellas” has it all, depicting the life of crime of gangsters across three decades.

  5. “Reservoir Dogs” The gangster movie was a hit for several reasons. This 1992 Quentin Tarantino classic shows audiences what happens when a gangster heist goes wrong.

  6. “The Departed” Remade from a film originally done in Hong Kong, this 2006 American gangster movie depicts an Irish mob boss in Boston, Massachusetts. It also shows the events that unfold when an undercover policeman infiltrates the gangsters.

  7. “The Untouchables” This 1987 gangster movie is a crime drama that depicts the efforts to bring down Al Capone. The movie is set during America’s Prohibition era.

  8. “Boyz n the Hood” This is a tragic gangster movie from 1991. The characters in this story show audiences what it was like to be a young Los Angeles gangster in the hood.

  9. “Casino” Audiences were dazzled by this Las Vegas-based 1995 crime drama that was adapted from a non-fiction book by Nicholas Pileggi. The screenplay was co-written by Pileggi and Martin Scorsese.

  10. “Pulp Fiction” Another Quentin Tarantino gem, this 1994 gangster movie is unparalleled in popularity due to its seamless collision of gangster violence and ironic humor. The film is now considered a cult classic.