If you love gangster films, here are the 10 best organized crime movies that are masterpieces in their own right. Everyone envies how these guys can get away with what others just simply can't. Their freedom has made them, for better or worse, a part of our society.

  1. ''Scarface'' This movie was just a diamond mine of catch phrases when it came out, it shocked audiences with its violence and swearing. Even compared to today's films, this wouldn't be called tame.

  2. ''The Godfather Trilogy'' These are the ultimate organized crime movies. Even considered by film experts to be one of the greatest movies of all time, period. Truly a must-see for anyone.

  3. ''Once Upon a Time In America'' A film that takes its time, telling the story of two Jewish gangsters trying to make it big in the states. De Niro does it once again, proving just how versatile he can really be.

  4. ''GoodFellas'' Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci's duo in this film is simply unforgettable. The strange part is De Niro actually takes a backseat to Pesci in this movie. Not just a ''The Godfather'' remake, this organized crime movie takes its own throne.

  5. ''Ocean's Eleven'' The rat-pack group of celebrity actors' first heist, and what a heist it was. The characters are memorable and charming, and if the movie didn't tell you outright, you wouldn't even have known they were theives. A classy organized crime movie that does Frank Sinatra's original justice.

  6. ''Ocean's Twelve'' Everything is undone in this movie, what George Clooney and the rest of his entourage stole in the previous film they must repay, in full. There's also a little strange bit of 'breaking of the fourth wall' involving Julia Roberts.

  7. ''Ocean's Thirteen'' The final film installment of the series, and boy did it end strong. With Al Pacino in as the main villain, no one could possibly doubt this film's success.

  8. ''Casino'' Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci pair up again with director Martin Scorsese to make an organized crime movie of a low con man who gets to run his own casino. But the interference of women and incompetence ruin everything for him.

  9. ''Pulp Fiction'' Another cesspool of unforgettable quotes from Samuel L. Jackson. His over-the-top performance with John Travolta's character's indifference provide a great contrast, as three stories melt into one/

  10. ''Bonnie and Clyde'' The most shocking organized crime film, or film in general. Its ending is abrupt and the moral undertones of the movie influenced many more films to come in the future.