10 Best Hood Movies

Wednesday, April 27 by Regina Woodard

Are you looking for the 10 best hood movies? 'Hood' movies are those that take viewers into the heart of the urban culture, that of rival gangs, problems with drugs, one parent or no parent homes. These movies are usually based on minority perception, such as black or Hispanic gangs in South Central or New York, exploring a world that, as middle class or upper class citizens, would have no idea or any inclination of what really goes on. While of course Hollywood-ized to pump the violence and action, these movies do give a voice to a culture and a people who feel there is no way out of their situation.

  1. "Boyz N The Hood" - Directed by John Singleton in 1991, this story goes over a group of friends in South Central LA, going over the difficulties of black males in the city, as they try to rise above the problems they faced in terms of gangs, violence, and trying to get out. The film was up for two Academy Awards, giving Singleton the honor of being the youngest director nominated, as well as being the first black director to receive the nod.
  2. "Do the Right Thing" - One of Spike Lee's best directorial efforts, this film looks at the lives of two sides of people in Brooklyn – African Americans and Puerto Ricans. It gave a brutal look at the simmering racial feelings in a community. It is touted as one of the greatest films of all time.
  3. "Friday" – Another Ice Cube film, this is one of the comedic offerings, going over the life on a Friday for two friends in LA. The day seems typical until the two run into a problem with trying to pay off a drug dealer before he kills them. Like the film above, it has become a cult classic among fans. It is counted as one of Chris Tucker' break out performances.
  4. "Jason's Lyric" – Released in 1994, this movie goes over the concept of a young black family struggling to understand love and maturity. The film focuses on Jason, the 'good' son, who begins to fall in love with Lyric, a woman he meets who shares his same dreams and goals. Like the others, this film focuses on the concept of someone trying to get out of their negative situation.
  5. "Colors" – one of the more controversial, yet very real depictions of gang violence in South Central, this drama looks at two cops – played by Sean Penn and Robert DuVal – as they try to mitigate the violence between the Bloods and the Crips gangs.
  6. "Stand and Deliver" – Inspired by the true story of East L high school teacher Jaime Escalante, this movie goes to look at the school system in the predominately Chicano region. Escalante was a new teacher at Garfield HS who felt that the students had the school could achieve a higher level of education, despite the perception of others that because of their race, they couldn't.
  7. "8 Mile" – This is a semi-autobiographical account of rapper Eminem's life growing up in Detroit, as well as trying to prove his talent as a rapper in a music genre that was started and primarily involved black musicians.
  8. "Menace II Society" – Like Boyz N The Hood, this movie was praised for not only its portrayal of urban culture and life, but for the message the protagonist gives throughout the movie – mostly on how his choices lead to his destruction and how he wished that he had made better ones.
  9. "Poetic Justice" – Another film by John Singleton, this movie stars musicians Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. It's a story of a journey through life.
  10. "Set It Off" – This movie is set with a female point of view about a group of four friends who decide to rob banks in order to get the financially and emotionally rewards to help themselves and their families.
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